Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hideeeo ho...

Just moving along here. It's so weird to me, to have an estrogen that's not skyrocketing.

Today it was 736. LH is1.6 (up a teeny bit, should I worry?), and P4 nice and low at 0.4. The follicles are growing...still 4-5 on the left and 10 on the right. I'm guessing that will be it. I've never had disparate ovaries before, they are always usually basically the same. Shrug.

I decided to add chicken and fish to my diet to get some actual animal protein during stims in addition to the whey protein. It's been a little weird. I am vegetarian mainly for animal rights issues and so to just go right back and start eating chicken (and strangely having it taste just fine) has felt disloyal or something. I know Dr. M was happy. Who knows whether it will make a difference or not--I guess we'll see. I am really anxious to see what my eggs actually look like this go around.

Mr. LastChance made it last night! Yay! We played in Boulder today. We tried to go to Boulder Falls, which I knew would be spectacular because of all the rain they've had here. Unfortunately, all that rain forced them to close the falls. Boo. But nevertheless we found some trails, a raging creek, and some breathtaking scenery. If there are trails to be hiked, we will find them.

We just ate a big mid-day meal and dessert was included--one of those appetizers-entree-dessert one price deals. Mr. LastChance has a to-go some type of delicious chocolate chip pie with ice cream for on top. I am not allowed any of it--double boo! I have already made a list of what things I plan on eating post-retrieval when I will re-add sugar (but only for a few days, I've really decided this no sugar thing is really good overall):

An M&M blizzard. Oh yes.
A chocolate croissant from a local bakery. Divine.
A large Cherry Coke from Sonic. Slurp.
A chocolate doughnut. Really the most horrible thing for you in the world, but I'll take mine with sprinkles.



  1. Glad to hear that things are progessing along nice and slow! You're always looking for things to happen differently and it seems that it is so that's a good thing right? As for the chicken thing, I don't know if you can find some Halal meats but that may make you feel better about eating meat again since they do pray before they slaughter them and give thanks for the animal's sacrifice. Anyway - glad to hear that things are going well and that Mr. has arrived to keep you company!

  2. I had to giggle that you talked about "chicken" and "eggs" in the same paragraph! :)
    You sound upbeat and that makes me happy for you! I have a diabetes-inducing, delicious recipe for cream cheese maple rolls if you feel like OD'ing on sugar post-retrieval.
    Good luck with the rest of the stims and such. Can't wait to hear how this progresses!

  3. Slow and steady wins the race!!! Your E2 has been going up steadily, which is great!!! I'm cheering for you!


  4. Like the last comment said, slow and steady wins the race. Keep on stimin' girl!

  5. Sounds perfect! I would be totally happy with all those stats. Hope you're enjoying your vaca.

  6. When you get your chocolate croissant, get one for me too! Glad you all had fun!