Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm exhaling.

I've been running around all morning with my cell phone and home phone attached to me. If they rang my heart lurched.

Dr. M just called--she had the report.

It's the best we've ever had!

So 6 will be vitrified. Oh GAWD, I forgot to re-confirm vitrification...but I know we discussed this and would they even slow freeze anything anymore??

At any rate, I forgot to tell you that we found out one of the late-ICSI's fertilized which gave us seven total, and 6 were still dividing today. For us, that's huge.

Now, none of them made the 4 grade. Boo. But, they were all 3+ which Dr. M assured me was still considered "good and strong." Less than 15% fragmentation with nice even cells. CC.R.M. are tough graders, too. I did some quick Medline research and found that truly less than 15% fragmentation isn't considered significant...and I need to just let it go anyway.

We had:
2 8 cell
2 7 cell (although one of these is the late ICSI so to me that means it's 'ahead' and I don't know if that's good)
1 6 cell
1 4 cell.

OK--we'll take it!

And yes I know that many of you have had stellar day 3 reports and then not many blasts...I know this. I know the 4 cell is behind. But for us, this is good. It's all we have and we're happy.

Dr. M said that our real question will be: how many to thaw and transfer? I can tell you my gut response: the top 4. I really don't want to drag this out.

We also briefly discussed the endometrial biopsies which we'll definitely be doing instead of the D&C.

But one step at a time.

Tonight Mr. LastChance and I are going to volunteer at the downtown homeless shelter where we're regulars (volunteers, not guests, although with all our IVF expenses...). We haven't been in two months because of everything going on in our lives.

Tonight we will serve with more gratitude in our hearts than usual.

I know these embryos have a chance. I know it's small, but they have a chance.

Our last chance.

John, the head embryologist just called. He's the guy who did half of our he said, because he knew our history and wanted to give us as much help as possible. In fact, he said, and I quote: "We did everything we could think of."

Which begs the question--why not do everything EVERY SINGLE TIME? But I digress.

He clarified that there weren't two late-ICSI, there were just two that initially didn't seem like they had fertilized but clearly had when they checked today. One was 7 cell 3+ and the other was a little 4-cell 3, the worst one.

So really, from the initial 8 that fertilized we had:
2 8 cells
3 7 cells
1 6 cell
2 4 cells.

He said that 3+ is still considered "good quality" (his words). He also said that fragmentation in the range of <15% doesn't affect implantation. Which is what I read in some journal articles...once it gets over 20-25%, and particularly over 35% is when they see major differences in implantation rates.

I thanked him for all his help and breathed out again. When I saw that CC.R.M. number come up I thought for sure they'd given us the wrong results or something.

I'm going to eat a huge freakin' M&M blizzard tomorrow--you know, since I gave up sugar for those little eggies!


  1. Yay!!! This is such great news, I am so happy for you as this is a really great report. I'm so glad that you'll have some choices with your treatment moving forward (how many to thaw and transfer--what a lovely choice to have!). Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating! -Christina

  2. This really is a great report!! Those 6 sound pretty freaking top notch to me. Who wants to be a 4 anyway? That was so last cycle. (-; I am keeping everything crossed for you and hoping for all the best.

    Hope you are able to breathe a huge sigh of relief right now...

    Oh, and sorry I'm just getting all caught up now! Ughhh.

  3. I have a piece of chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and chocolate peanut butter glaze for you. Seriously.

    I'm exhaling with you. Honestly, I'm with you. Transfer 4. Or whatever number feels right when you get there. Good job.

  4. I held my breath when I logged onto this site. Now, I'm exhaling, too. This is great, great news. Another step down! Enjoy that Blizzard!

  5. Awesome news!!!! I'm so excited for you! I think these are great results and am thrilled that your experience was night and day difference from your last cycle.

    Enjoy that chocolate, you deserve it! Oh, and remember, get numbed for those biopsies.

  6. hooray! this was such a fun post to read. i also have been wondering why you have to be on #5 to get the personalized attention and assitance you have gotten this time. it seems it should come with each try considering what's at stake and the cost it requires. in any case, i am glad you are getting it this time!
    hmmn, having to choose which to wonderful to have options!!!

  7. YAAAAAAY, I can exhale now for you too!! Those are stellar numbers and I love, love, LOVE the cell count. I'm with you on transferring 4; can you include in your next post when you intend to transfer, I want to email you the Fertile Soul recommendations. Enjoy your chocolate; I am back on the chardonnay for 2 weeks before boot camp kicks in for the next cycle. I am so, so excited for you, and those lovely embies are rightly getting the VIP treatment from John (who is the best in his field as well as being a human being y'know?.) You and DH are currently the Barack and Michelle Obama of CCRM and that ROCKS xxx

  8. Great news! 6!!! so, when does the FET prep start? So excited for you and Mr. LC!!!

  9. Yea for great news!! Keep thriving little ones, keep thriving!! :)

    I hope that M&M Blizzard hit the spot. You deserve it!!

  10. Fabulous!!!! One of my IRL friends going through IVF just found out that all three - yes, triplets - implanted from her fresh transfer with "less than perfect embryos" - one was an 8 cell grade B, 7 cell grade B and a 6 cell not so good grade...

    I just had a cherry limeade chiller from sonic - it was awesome - enjoy your blizzard!!!


    I kept checking my Blogroll yesterday, hoping to see an update. =)

    I'm so, so happy that you have SIX little ones that made it this far. SUPER SIX!