Sunday, August 9, 2009

Triggering, but not without drama!

I'm writing this down to record all of know, for the book.

So after waiting around for hours and hours and paging the nurse they finally called with my trigger time.

3:30 AM.

Um, I don't think so.

That would put our retrieval at 2:30 pm on Tuesday, when we were supposed to be on the last flight out at 7:15, leaving our hotel on the SuperShuttle at 3:15.

I started babbling to the nurse about how that wouldn't work and she told me that "everyone had a sob story about why they needed their retrieval at a certain time."

Oh really? Is everyone doing a freeze-all and leaving right away? Dr. M knew we were flying out the same day and said that while it wasn't highly recommended, people do it all the time. She knew we needed the earliest retrieval possible.

Then the nurse said that they had nine retrievals for Tuesday, so they were just really really busy. And she'd already called everyone else with their trigger times and retrieval times, so I guess we were dead last on the list.

OK. It's not my fault they're a huge clinic and accept so many patients cycling at the same time that they have nine retrievals on one day. Not my fault. And it was ridiculous to think that they couldn't get to us in the morning.

I asked if I could talk to Dr. M myself and see if we could figure something out. She said "She doesn't have a magic wand regarding scheduling." Hpmph. Maybe not, but I can guarantee she'd try to run interference for me.

Geez this nurse was on my nerves! In the background Mr. LastChance was going ape-shit crazy because we were both seeing all our hard work at rescheduling our own jobs, at re-doing flights, re-doing SuperShuttles, re-doing everything just going down the toilet.

Finally the nurse said she would call another patient back and see if we could switch. Which apparently wasn't that hard as she called back ten minutes later and said "Would a 12:15 retrieval work?" We jumped on it.

So yeah, I'm going to be out of CC.R.M. at 2:15 to catch at 3:15 SuperShuttle to catch at 7:15 flight. I know we can do it.

But ummmm, the estrogen was 6723. I've never had it this high at trigger before. EVER.

And suddenly I have visions of OHSS swirling around in my brain--you know, because I with work.

They're still giving me the full dose of HCG. When we asked about the booster (although with an E2 like that I seriously doubt it) the nurse backpeddled and acted like she didn't know anything about that...which to me means she didn't talk to Dr. M specifically about my case. Because I know full well Dr. M would have mentioned it, whether we were doing it or not.

So she said she'll call Dr. M and call us back. Ummmm, yeah you will. We still haven't heard.

So...aside from eating salty food and drinking Gatorade (though I need to find something like that with no sugar in it) what else? No exercise, I've read. No sex. No heavy lifting (sorry Mr. LastChance, you'll be the Sherpa for sure in the airport tomorrow!)....

I can't believe after all this my E2 went up that high.

Trying to channel some peaceful energy here....

When the nurse called back again, she said Dr. M wanted me to take a shot of Antagon right away and also to start Dostinex to help with the E2. I was confused--don't you give Antagon to prevent ovulation? And don't we sort of want to mature the eggs to ovulate and then suck 'em right out right before?
She said as long as Antagon is given before the trigger it's fine. So I'm trusting them on's in me now. We had to catch a shuttle ride over to CC.R.M. to meet the nurse with the meds. Geez. Her words were: "The more complicated the cycle the better it turns out!" Yeah, right. I've been funky from the get-go and it hasn't served me well...yet.


  1. Yikes, yeah, let's do ER and hop right on that plane immediately afterwards, that will work well! So glad you got it worked out a little better. I had asked my nurse for the first ER of the morning due to flying out the same day and I got slot #1. I can't believe they put you last!!!

    On my 2nd IVF, my e2 was 8380 before trigger and 9029 the day after. I never got OHSS and you definitely won't be pg to aggravate it since you're doing a freeze all. But please take care of yourself, I flew out the same day as ER and it's not fun. Walk slow, have your dh carry/push everything! I pulled my suitcase as I thought it would be no big deal, but I cried in the middle of the airport from sharp sharp pains.

    I'm confused about the antagon as well. I took my last antagon shot on day 10 and then had no antagon on day 11, trigger day. Maybe it's because they are giving you a whopper of a trigger and need more to prevent ovulation. You are definitely getting a very unique tailored protocol. This has got to work!

    Best wishes!

  2. OMG what a bitch that nurse sounds like - you poor thing. Good for you for advocating for yourself and keeping that wench accountable.

    I am looking forward to a great retrieval update tomorrow - and smooth traveling.

  3. Seriously, I am going to kick your nurse's ass. WTF? Out of the 9, how many we're leaving that same day? Could they use just an iota of common sense when scheduling these things?

    Get the wheelchair at the airport. Or the little shuttle golf cart thingie. Just tell them you just had surgery and they'll do it. Board first so you don't get jostled. You deserve some fussing over after all!

  4. That nurse needs some training in empathy and understanding...and problem solving. How hard is it to try to shift some people around, and why not try to go switch you with the absolute earliest person? I'm sorry you are facing so much frustration through all this. Can't a girl just get her eggs retrieved so she can get back home these days?

    A blogger I read had severe OHSS her first IVF cycle and was put on a very high protein diet before her second to ward it off. I can email you a link.

    Wishing you all the best tomorrow and hoping for an uneventful ER. You have had enough drama this cycle.

  5.'s like they are trying to make your difficult experience just a tad bit more difficult! hang in there!!!

  6. That nurse sounds awful! I'm sorry you had to deal with all of the extra drama she seemed to create, but I'm glad that you're getting in earlier so that everything else falls into place.

    I'm saying prayers for you and sending positive baby vibes! Oh, and "no more drama" vibes too :)

    ps- I am playing with blogger, so my name switched from dryan to just D in case you were wondering. Although I am sure that is the absolute last thing on your mind right now!

  7. Yay for triggering, but I'm concerned that you will be leaving for the airport so soon after being under anesthesia. WTF with the scheduling? Did Dr. M not as ask for the first retrieval of the day knowing that you would be flying out the same day? Holy crap. I can't believe that nurse treated you like that.

    Go get some packets of Emergency for electrolites low in sugar. You can get them at Vitamin Cottage. I sent you the link to where it is. It's directly south of where we had dinner, both times : )

  8. Good luck on your ER tomorrow! I hope you get to the airport quickly and safely too! This has been an interesting cycle. You are so educated about everything. I'm hoping this will be "it" for you! Good vibes....

  9. Good luck tomorrow! I agree with the more funky a cycle is, the more success. If it goes too smoothly, watch out! Oh, and about the gatorade without suger -have you had smart water? I know it has the electrolytes that gatorade does but it is just water...though I doubt it has the sodium content...but its a thought.

  10. "Everyone had a sob story..."?????? Um. excuse me lady, but the last time I checked, it was preferable to be AWAKE from anesthesia before boarding a plane. Hardly what I'd call a "sob story." More like a, "This-is-the-reality-so-help-me-out-here story." Ugh.

    I'm *so* sorry for all the drama! I really wish there was something I could do to help. I guess we'll have to leave it up to medical know-how and biology/physiology at this point.

    All things considered, you're handling this amazingly well. I thought about you a lot this weekend, and you'll continue to be in my thoughts up to, after, and well-beyond retrieval. =)

    *calming hugs* to you!

  11. Man that nurse sounds like not a very nice person. It's just luck of the draw sometimes and sometimes you get the good but it seems like this time, you've gotten the not so nice ones. So sorry for the added stress. As for the antagon, I think they're doing it to drop your hormones down and the preventing ovulation part is a side effect of the drop in hormones. I remember doing antagon the night of triggering too so I think it's pretty common. I have everything crossed for you! If you can find a Whole.Foods, they have an electrolyte water that doesn't have all the sugar in it. It's made by Glaceau and in the water section...a good alternative to the sugary stuff. Other than that, Chipotle's has super salty tortilla chips :). Hang in there - I've got everything crossed for you. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  12. I'm crossing everything I've got! That nurse needs some experience as a patient before she opens her smart mouth. Sheesh. Anyway, best of everything to you, sweet girl. You are the epitome of in-it-to-win-it!

  13. You should complain to Dr. M about that nurse. UGH!!! I wanted to scream when I read this. I hope you're feeling good physicially... keep drinking that water! You indeed sound like you are handling this extremely well. My thoughts are with you always!

  14. It is Monday evening, I'm dying for an update, I know you have a busy life but I like to be constantly updated...please think of my anxiety.

  15. just wanted to say good luck and we are all rooting for you!!!

  16. I can't believe the nurse said that everyone has a sob story. How unprofessional and rude! They should realize that they have a lot of out of town patients who give them the majority of their business. I am just so shocked that she said that!