Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Second post of the day

The one with the numbers:
E2 went to 3140, so at least it didn't double from yesterday.
P4: 0.9
LH: 2.3 (down a wee bit)

I talked to my nurse about my freak out. Her words were: as long as the E2 goes up and we see some growth we're fine. It doesn't mater how long it takes the follicles to get there as long as they do get there.

My biggest ones are just at 14 mm. Usually I need to see several at over 20 to before trigger to help with maturity. We did that last cycle and still only wound up with 12/20 mature and only one was post-mature. Of course, this time we're adding microdose HCG for maturity and will probably trigger with a whopper HCG dose...so maybe we won't have to get them all to 20? Who the heck knows.

I'm a little calmer. I always stim a long time so really this isn't anything new. Although the E2 is rising, at least it has risen in a more slow, controlled manner and not all crazy high from the beginning. And maybe this slower rise won't "fry" the eggs? Not really sure on that one, but I'm hoping anyway.

I got a haircut today. It was so nice...I love a head massage! I'll take anything calming I can get right now.

Thanks for hanging in.


  1. Nice to see your E2 going slow and steady, that there alone is a HUGE improvement over your last cycle.

  2. You're doing great! I know that crazyhigh E2 = BAD news...so I'm really glad that you're rising at a nice, moderate, steady pace.

    I don't know why, but I always love getting my hair cut/styled while out of town. =)

  3. Thinking about you guys. I love getting my haircut too (you wouldn't think it as we both have long hair), I almost fall asleep. It is so nice.

  4. Since you are getting monitored everyday, you probably are not seeing dramatic changes in your follicles. Plus, ultrasounds are not perfect, especially if you have had different technicians reading your ultrasounds from day to day. I agree with your nurse that as long as your E2 is rising, you know that your follicles are growing. Hang in there and try not to freak out! I know, easy for me to say that!

    P.S. I don't get the haircutting thing. I get really stressed about having someone new cut my hair. I seriously think I need a "hair coach".

  5. I just read the comments on your other post from today and noticed that my comment was similar to others! I hope that's reassuring to you!

  6. A slow rise is exactly what you are looking for and sometimes you won't see the follies change that much in size until the day after. it seems that things are going well so far and I will continue to keep my fingers crossed for you!