Sunday, January 23, 2011

Closing Up Shop

I think most people have figured this out, but this blog has gone down. At least I won't be posting here anymore...why would I? We're certainly not doing any LastChanceIVFs anymore.

Thank God for that.

IVF can be a soul-sucking money-sucking sanity-sucking procedure. It can also be a hope-laden miracle worker, but it wasn't for us. Some days I still can't believe I did five but oh well.

Yes, I wrote that: oh well.

It's fully in the past now. Someone recently wrote a sweet post about how our IVF video was inspiring to them, to which I had to wonder: how could anyone feel inspired by that? We failed. Over, and over, and over, and over, and one more time: over. But I guess it didn't kill us, right? We're certainly still here, alive and kicking and smiling.

So yeah, I'm so over IVF, snark. Which means I'm done posting here on the LastChanceIVF. But the posting itself--well, you guys know it saved me.

Thanks for reading, and supporting, and commenting, and holding me up over here. I really mean that. And I know international adoption isn't everyone's thing, but I hope you'll keep following the story and update your readers, etc. etc. at MyTwoLines. I'll be commenting as MyTwoLines, too, duh, as I continue to follow your stories.

So long, from the LCs.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Double Scoop

Ok I'm posting the full story on the new place.

It's up.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Start Spreading the News.....(edited/updated)

YUP. Hold on tight.

It's happening.

Follow along to learn how we finally got our unconventional two lines.... (edited to add: this is NOT a pregnancy announcement, but it is very much an announcement about my babies (plural) )!!

My Two Lines....

I promise to give you the full scoop soon over there, but for now, miles of smiles over here!