Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just when I start getting comfortable...

Last night I went to acupuncture on the advice of my RE. She said to tell them to "spur the follicles along." It was a really great treatment. And when I got back to the hotel, wouldn't you know, my right ovary started to ache. I mean really really ache. I told Mr. LastChance that she must've sent them into a growth spurt!

So I happily went to my morning u/s only to find almost no growth. Some growth on the left, but hardly any at all now on the right...in two days. Freak out is ensuing.

Yesterday Dr. M said that she'd add microdose Hcg to help grow them, so I'm expecting that call any minute now and I'll make a fast trip to Todd's before I have to turn in our rental car. Now I'm wondering if I need the Menopur??

Just when I got comfortable....CRASH.

Be honest...should I be completely freaking out? My estrogen has been going up nicely, so why aren't they growing?

I feel this will be a two-post day.

EDIT to add: Dr. M did add microdose HCG and I already went to Todd's to pick it up and shot up that first dose. Please grow follies, GROW!


  1. Don't freak out yet (easier said than done, I know). I think as long as your E2 is going up...you are still good. Sometimes the different techs measuring the follicles do so differently and it is hard to tell when there is growth. I hope that HCG does the trick!

  2. No growth? What size are your follies? Yeah, that would freak me out too and I'd be like, crap, maybe I should take this menopur. Let's hope the hcg works! So will the hcg not cause you to ovulate? I had one ovary ahead of the other my last cycle too. Thankfully they stimmed me an extra day to let the slow poke catch up with the overachiever. I totally know the stress you are under, let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Hugs

  3. Oh, Sue just made me remember that yes, with different u/s techs, your results will vary. I had one lady measure my largest follie at 23mm and then the next day it was 18mm. I freaked thinking they were shrinking from lowering my stims too much. They said they do not shrink and that it was definitely how it was measured. I was so thankful they didn't trigger me based on that lady's u/s results. Hang in there hun!

  4. I really hope that the growth starts to happen on that side. Maybe it's just taking its time. I know - so frustrating. Hang in there - we're all hoping this is going to work for you.

  5. P.S. I don't know anything about the LH number that you have researched. I only had my E2 and Prog. checked throughout, so I wish I was more help on the LH number that you are watching so closely. Sorry.

  6. Gah, I wish I had something of value to add. Something that would put your mind at ease. But I'm an IVF virgin, so I don't. =(

    Keep the faith in Dr.M! And in the meantime, I'll be keeping the faith in your ovaries!

  7. Grow, grow, grow!

    So this is my comment - you are getting monitored daily, right? Is the same person doing the measurement each day? There's often a measurement error even within examiners, so I'm guessing there's an even bigger one across people, even at CCRM. Also - the sheer function of getting measured every day has to have some impact on accuracy, too. Not in the broad sense, of course, but in the minutiae.

  8. Grow, grow, grow! -Kay