Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I couldn't wait!

Last night when we landed I saw I had a VM.

It was Dr. M.

She had already talked to the embryologist--and 18-19 were mature! These are stellar maturity rates for US.

She also said the eggs looked "much better" and the polar bodies were not fragmented. Last go-around our polar bodies were all fragmented--some severely. While there is mixed data on what this indicates it isn't normal and who wants fragmented polar bodies? Not us.

As she said on the phone, it is one hurdle and we still have many to go. We've had a bad fertilization report when the eggs were mature in the past (on IVF #3 and 4, but 4 was the one with the ugly polar bodies) but our first two IVFs, almost all of the mature eggs here's hoping.

That's the phone call we get today.

It was so nice of her to call and leave us that message! She herself sounded relieved, if not a teeny bit excited.

They let some (maybe all?) of the eggs sit in culture for a couple of extra hours to help...of course I googled this last night, exhausted as I was, and it kind of freaked me out because it is usually better to ICSI/IMSI sooner rather than later...but again I'm trusting their noggins.

I'm back at work. Exhausted, sore, swollen (that's what 2+ liters of IV fluid will do to you) but back.

Stupid dog love--especially when you've been away nearly two weeks--is the best.

More to come....


  1. Oh! I'm so glad you updated with something, anything!

    That many mature is another good step. Hoping for more good news later today. I think I might be holding my breath and checking obsessively all day...

  2. Holy cow, that is an awesome mature report!!! I love how Dr. M communicates with you! That would never happen with Dr. S!

    I bet you are exhausted, sore and swollen! I remember how that felt clearly. But horray, you're home and all is going well with your embabies! I'm guessing that 15 fertilize normally.

  3. Beautiful report! Yay! I know it is the first hurdle...but you still seriously cleared it! This is all a series of hurdles. Stay positive! I'm praying you get a great fert report today!

  4. Great report!! I can't wait to hear more good news!!

  5. i love that you're doing so well in this hurdle race. olympic quality i tell ya...keep running and jumping!!!! i feel that there will be a gold medal at the finish line. :)

  6. 18-19 mature is totally awesome! What a great maturity we just need those little angels to fertilize, divide and continue growing big and strong!:)

    I am sure you are so sore today after they go so many eggs from you yesterday. Try to take it easy at work today and then go home and just sit and smile at how well things are going so far:)

  7. Yay. I'm with kimshe. One more hurdle down. Sending positive thoughts you both, the eggs, the sperm, the embryologists, future embryos, CCRM, Denver, the entire state of Colorado... every little bit helps, right?

  8. This is wonderful news!!! I couldn't wait to log on and find out the news! I will keep thinking of you. Kepe drinking water and feel good. Sending love across the miles.

  9. Praying today's report says all 18 fertilized!!!!!!!

  10. What inquiring minds really want to know is what kind of evil goodie you ate first?

    Just kidding! That's a great first hurdle to overcome. And that's so cool that Dr. M left you a VM! I think their embryologists know what they are doing. Their lab is top notch, so you don't have to worry there. May all your eggs be fertile!!

  11. Yay! Yay! Yay! I love the first round of good news! Keep it coming!

  12. That is freaking awesome and incredible - really happy for you and hoping for a sweet fert report!!!

    Great, big giant hugs!!

  13. SO great! So so so so GREAT!

    A 73%-ish maturity rate is rockin' awesome!

    Can't wait for the next update!

  14. That is so awesome!! I'm glad you're already seeing improvements and I hope that it only gets better here on out!!