Monday, August 3, 2009

Howdy howdy!

Greetings from Colorado, the land of eternal wandings and blooddraws.

So you know I was worried about the LH being 2.5 I held off on my Menopur this morning. I called my nurse and she encouraged me to take it but I reminded her I would be seeing my doctor today and could we just discuss it then?? She said that while she recommended it, I know my body best, etc. That was nice.

Fast forward to this afternoon, meeting with the doctor. Did I mention I really do like her?

E2 came in at 2300+, P4 at 0.9 (I think) and LH had gone to 3.0.

I confessed that I hadn't taken the Menopur and asked why my LH was continuing to rise? She said it was a natural part of the process, that as the estrogen rose and the FSH receptors were stimulated, the LH receptors were too. I tried not to agonize that many other fellow patient's haven't had this rise...and she also said that it is better to go up rather than to start high and fall (which I have read several times). So, I breathed out.

She said she would hold off on Menopur for now...and only add it back in if the E2 plateaus or (horror) drops. She's keeping me at 150 units of GonalF and nothing else but Lupron for now.

The follicles are growing kind of we're going to see what tomorrow's u/s brings and if they're still poking along, we'll add microdose Hcg to help mature them. She also recommended I go to acupuncture (not for blood flow, my poor uterus is already lining at 15 mm!) but for follicle stimulation. Luckily I got in for tonight at 6 pm. Whew.

We had a great conversation. She really does seem to be on top of my case, as it stands. Maybe I'm a challenge to her? No matter, she wants to regroup with me again on Thursday. I love love love having all these face-to-face conversations with her, and I told her so. She treats me...almost like a colleague. She recognizes I'm at least in healthcare, in regular endocrinology, so maybe she doesn't think of me as a total dolt.

She guesses a trigger on Thursday or Friday, though I would be surprised if it was Thursday. She also suggested doing a higher dose of Hcg trigger--and wouldn't you know we goofed up and ordered TWO Novarel triggers. She said "Perfect." We're all set.

So...exhaling again...looking forward to acupuncture in a couple of hours...and then a nice work out at the hotel....and then tomorrow's report.

Thanks for reading and supporting guys. It really does help.


  1. That's great that your doc is meeting with you so often. Isn't that the way it should be? I'm glad you found an acupuncturist to go to also. Can't wait for the next update!

  2. Wonderful news. I'm thinking about you and hoping for the very very very best this time. Hugs!

  3. I can already picture myself emailing you, asking you to interpret my "numbers" during my first egg retrieval cycle. =) You're such a pro (though I wish you weren't, obviously)!

    I'm doing an understated cheerleading hand-dance for you at my work desk. =) Can't wait to hear about your next appointment.

  4. Finally got to check in. I'm glad things seem to be going okay - I really don't know anything about the LH levels as I've never had mine checked.

    Can't believe that lining already, wow. Hoping that things go well from here on out - and really happy you are getting so much attention.

  5. It sounds great! As always, the prayers continue for you, this sounds like a "different" cycle than any other, and that's been the goal all along, eh?
    Is Mr. L.C. still with you? I hope you're enjoying your stay in beautiful Colorado! The weather here in Nebraska has been pretty warmish and enjoyable- hope you're enjoying it too!

  6. That's awesome that she is meeting with you face to face and listening. I think you do know your body pretty well. At least, to me it seems like you know even before the labs come in where you are at. I have been thinking about you guys.

  7. this is so exciting! it sounds like everything is going well and that you are getting some personalized attention.
    i recently saw this quote and it came to mind while i was reading your updates tonight:
    "what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

  8. Wow, you are a lucky lucky gal getting to meet with the RE, not once but three times! That is so awesome! You would never get that with the other RE. Heck, I did went through my entire 4th IVF and never once saw or heard from him.

    Sounds like everything is going so much better for you! This has got to be it! Hugs