Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The report..

I can't even be clever in titling because I'm using the ten minutes I have before boarding our return flight to post.

26 eggs.

Jill, you were this.close with your guess!

Of course, we've crashed and burned on fert reports so we're just cautiously optimistic. Happy there is a decent number with which to start.

The embryologist was really nice. He told us our egg number and then said: "Well, it looks like we're pulling out all the stops. MICSI and plus two embryologists are going to work together on your case. We've got a couple of other ideas to help with the maturity/fertilization issues."

We'll take all the help we can get.

I made it out to CC.R.M. at 2:45 and caught the Super Shuttle at 3:25 at our hotel. I was sore but I made it.

I've eaten a lot of junk because--the eggs are out! The eggs are out! I'm so glad to have them OUT OF ME. Phoebe would be so disappointed in my diet this afternoon but I promise to get right back to it pronto pronto. But a girl needs a little indulgence after this crazy ride.

I also had the extreme pleasure of meeting one of my blog followers and fellow CC.R.Mers yesterday--and she was all the way from Ireland! It was awesome and I'm wishing her only the best of luck!

OK. I haven't had any sweets yet--but a ChickFilA brownie has my name all over it...saving it for the plane.

Thanks ladies, for all the love and support, I really really mean that.


  1. Great number of eggs, girl!! You have worked so hard for that brownie. Enjoy every bite and then some.

    I was thinking of you all day and came to check your blog as soon as I got home from work, typed a big long reply and blogger ate it. Imagine my surprise when I came back and now found this post too!

    You and MrLastChance are too amazing together and your appreciation for one another shines through. I think appreciations that we had before IF are only strengthened throughout this journey. I look at some of my friends with their mediocre marriages (ie complain about one another and put each other down publicly) and 2.3 kids and know that I wouldn't change what I have with my guy for one minute.

    Those "last ones" can bring relief in many ways...

    I am wishing and hoping and praying all things good for your fertilization report!!!

  2. Hooray! 26! You earned each and every one of those. A Chick Fil A brownie is a good treat. Yum... With the fertilization report, maybe a chocolate croissant. I will drive down, get it, and bring it to you.
    Throughout all of this I have been so amazed (proud, more like it, without sounding condescending) at how tenacious, strong, and determined you have been at advocating for yourself and your 26 eggs. It goes to show that sometimes, YOU do know best. Way to go. Both of you. Have a safe flight home!

  3. 26!! Girl, you should have as many brownies as you want to right now! I know you're heading right back to work, but take it easy this week as best you can.

  4. 26- that is great!! I love that number. I run marathons and therefore think 26(.2) rocks!! Congratulations!

    I have been waiting for an update and my stinking internet was down all day. I'm glad to get caught up with two posts and awesome news!

    Hope you had a safe and quiet flight home :)

  5. Happy happy joy joy!
    (were/are you a ren & stimpy fan?)
    I got all nervous and excited to see that post title. I hope that the fert report ROCKS! Anxiously awaiting the news....

  6. I caved and had chocolate today, lots of it. Cuz it was the only thing around to eat and my blood sugar was crashing! So congrats on getting this far!

    May all your eggs be fertile!!

  7. I'm so so SO happy!

    And I love that the embryologists are going to put their smart noggins together to help create super embies!

    I'm also glad you were able to make it to the airport in one piece (albeit, minus 6 eggies)! I hope you had a smooth, peaceful flight home and were able to rest a bit.

    Brownies for everyone!

  8. WOW! Great # of eggs! I hope you have a lot to freeze and that this will do it for you!

  9. Wahoo, 26 eggs!!!! Surely you'll have some stellar ones in that amount! I hope your trip home wasn't too painful. Can't wait to hear your fert report, Oh God, please let it be good!

    Wow, that's awesome that you got the embryologists working together on your case! I think you've challenged them and they are determined to pass. That is just too awesome, good job on standing up and demanding the best of them. You have every right after how crappy your 1st cycle went.

    Enjoy all the brownies you want, you worked hard and deserve it! That's the nice thing about a freeze-all, you get to let go and enjoy the break. When we had our FET cancelled, we said screw it and ordered in Pizza.

  10. WOOHOO!! Congrats on 26! yes, 26! eggs retrieved!!! That is just amazing! There just has to be some good ones in there, I just know it!