Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday's update

What a boring blog title eh?

This morning--the follicles had grown a little bit, but they're still all under 10 mm. I'm not concerned about that per long as they keep growing. Granted, I don't really want to have to have a marathon stim session, but we'll just see what each day brings.

I also went and had my regroup with my Dr. I must say that--even given what happened last cycle when she never called (although we talked through that)--I really like her. She gave me a huge hug when she saw me. I was all sheepish and said "It's me, the pain in the side patient!" and she kept saying how I was not bothering her by arguing about doses and meds, that she likes patients who are informed, and that she knows this is our last go and how important it all is. We had a really great regroup--she is quite happy with the progress as so far, my E2 isn't too high, my LH is lowish, my P4 is very low, and I have a decent number of follicles. I'm kind of right in the middle, which is unusual for me.

We discussed freezing and she is fine with vitrifying day 3 embryos; that way, we know whether or not we have anything worth coming back to transfer. We talked a lot about my lining, about doing the D&C, about my hyperplasia. She said the head embryologist wanted to do our MICSI, so that's good I suppose.

She wants me to come back to her office on Monday for another regroup just to talk. She didn't charge for today's and won't for Monday's either. Fine by me.

Mr. LastChance gets here tonight. We plan on going to Boulder and to Rocky Mountain National Park over the weekend, but Dr. M does want me monitored every single day. She expects my E2 to start climbing fast, so she lowered my GonalF and Menopur doses.

I'm happy. I'm not too stressed. It's a vacation with a remote chance for an embryo or two. Nothing more, nothing less.

Thanks for reading this boring old update!

Oh yeah: here's the numbers:
E2: 566
LH: 1.2
P4: 0.2


  1. Looking good! It sounds like the doc is respecting what you need - that is great - and even better that she is not charging you for it!

  2. I like your attitude of "a vacation with a remote chance for an embryo or two." It reminds me of the book title "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."


    I'm so glad that the clinic is taking your cycle very seriously, and that they're staying on top of things with frequent monitoring.

    I'm also happy that Leebot is arriving, so you'll have a supportive partner in crime! Enjoy the Park!

  3. Great update, so glad things are going well for you! Everything looks great to me!

  4. Fabulous update! I keep pulling for you! Thanks for keeping us informed, can't wait to hear more!

  5. I think it's so great that Dr. M is monitoring you so closely and is meeting with your regularly to discuss your progress. In all my one day workup, cancelled cycle and then real cycle, I never once, ever cast eyes upon my doctor so you're very lucky to speak with Dr. M so often. Keep the updates coming!!

  6. So far, so good! I am so glad they are monitoring you closely and DR M is willing to meet with you and is really on board with everything.

    Woohoo, for Mr. LastChance getting into town! Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned:)