Wednesday, July 29, 2009

See? This is what I am afraid of

My LH yesterday was 1.6.

To me, that is high.

All the articles I've read talk about supplementing with LH if LH is under 1. If it is over 1.5 then maybe supplemental LH is detrimental.

I will admit: I did not take my menopur this morning like they wanted. I wanted to see my LH level and I figured a few hours wasn't going to really matter.

But now the problem is getting to talk to the doctor, through the nurses, who seem to not really understand my concerns. I sent an email directly to the doctor but I doubt she'll see it/get it any time soon.

This is my last shot and I am so scared to mess it up. I'm trying to trust both my instincts, the research, and the doctors recommendations, which seems nearly impossible to do all at the same time right now.



  1. Gosh Ashley, how stressful!!! Could you maybe send an article to your RE that shows that LH over 1 is detrimental? I looked up my LH values for you so you can compare. I was on 2 menopur a day plus gonal-f.

    IVF3: Day4 0.6, Day6 0.58, Day8 1.24, Day9 1.5, Day10 1.3, Day11 1.1

    IVF4: Day4 0.6, Day6 1.2, Day8 0.7, Day9 0.4, Day10 0.56, Day11 0.3

    If you're skipping the menopur, I would suppliment that amount with gonal-f so you're getting enough fsh. There's 75 fsh/75 lh in one bottle of menopur, I'm sure you already know that.

    I hope it goes well with the RE and you get something worked out.


  2. Ugh. You *so* don't need this stress right now. =(

    I feel powerless to help, but I'm praying that your RE is able to communicate with you soon.

    Hang in there!

  3. Oh man, I feel your dilemma and frustration. YOu have to go with what you believe in. You are the patient and you have way more invested in this than your RE. I know that CC.RM is great, but only you know your body and what your instincts are.

    I am pulling so hard for you that this works!

  4. I dug out my last cycle information for you as well so you could have some other information to compare it to:

    EPP protocol with BCP & Lupron
    Day 4 - LH 1.4
    Day 6 - LH 1.3
    Day 8 - LH 1.3
    Day 9 - LH 3.7 (they halved my dose of Gonal F, not the Menopur)
    Day 10 - LH 1.9
    Day 11 - LH 1.0

    I was always over 1.0 and I have had bad fert rates in the past too.

    This is so frustrating and I feel your dilemna about this cycle as if I were the one cycling again. One alternative is that if you really feel that you need to speak with your doctor, get them to schedule an emergency consult. They may charge you $85 for it but isn't that money well spent at this point? We did one with Dr. Sch when we were talking about cancelling our cycle back in Nov last year and it was well worth it. The nurses just worked something out with his schedule and made it happen. Good luck!!!

  5. Ugh... I pray that you will be in contact with your doctor soon!
    I think at this point you need to do what YOU feel is best, since it's your body, your life, your outcome... but of course it's THEIR education and experience. Grr....
    I hope that things are resolving themselves as I type this...

  6. Wow. I wish I had something to add here, but I don't. I never did any LH, and I've never had my endogenous LH tested.

    I trust you. You know your body and the research about your body better than your doctor. That's my guess, at least. Whatever your gut is screaming - do that.