Sunday, July 19, 2009


So right now I'm just going to be waiting. Waiting on good old AF to appear.

They didn't put me on BCPs this go around, but I am taking prometrium every night on the recommendation of my RE...she hoped it would help with the hyperplasia. So I am so hopeful that after I take my last one, the sudden drop in progesterone will bring on AF. But then there's that damn lupron effect. All we can do is wait and see. Plane tickets are bought, but can be moved. The biggest issue is my work. Since I'm remaining anonymous I won't go any further, but suffice it to say that schedule changes at my work can be tricky.

Mr. LastChance isn't rushing right out with me this time due to his work. I'm actually going alone and this freaks me out. I guess we're really codependent. I can admit that. Whatever. I wish he could go with me, help me get through the airport with meds, help me pick up the rental car, etc. etc. but he'll join me soon enough. He is an important part of the picture, after all.

Those of you who have gone recently and used soon? Am I already too late? Send me an email at and give me the scoop. The cheaper we can do this, the better. I haven't got a rental car OR hotel yet...because I didn't want to prematurely book and then have AF screw me. After all, AF has been screwing me for years so why would she decide to be nicey-nice and cooperate now?

What a boring post! It's weird trying to be completely anonymous. I can't post fun pics of the weekend, mention anything else personal, etc. Oh well. Maybe blogging isn't really that fun when it's anonymous. I thought it would be more freeing.

But you guys know me...I'm sure I'll start unleashing soon enough!


  1. Priceline was scary for me because so many things could change.

    The car rentals when I went were THROUGH THE ROOF - even Priceline couldn't offer better.

    I did use Marriott TownPlace Suites which is near by and clean and at $59/night, I couldn't beat it. Yes, I would rather have stayed in a W with the awesome thick mattresses and thick down comforters and fluffy pillows - definitely helps the back when on bed rest.

    Hopefully this pregnancy will succeed and I won't have to return for a FET - but if I did have to, it would be a super short stay of 3 days and I would definitely stay in a more luxurious hotel.

  2. I think the key to being anonymous is making sure that if anyone googled your real name, they won't find this blog......because really, you want to be anonymous to a select group, no?

    Anyway, THAT SUCKS about having to go alone. I am a pretty codependent gal myself!

  3. Ok, seems we're still cycle buddies, I'm waiting on AF too! Dang lupron, I can't tell if this red spotting is just spotting or that's all AF is going to be.

    When will you arrive at your destination? Maybe we'll be there the same time. Priceline name your own price is awesome for hotels, maybe you have seen my post on IVFConn about Hyatt for $40/night? It's never too late with name your own price, you actually get the better deals the later you book. You get to retry every 24 hrs if you offer isn't accepted. Southwest is awesome for flights, book now before their price goes up and you can always cancel if you need to change it. You don't get the money back but you get to use it towards another flight. I always book every flight I need and then cancel the ones I don't need. Then I use the credit towards my flights back.

    Email me if you have any further questions.

  4. didn't realize you'd be going alone. it doesn't seem codependent by you wanting the "mr" there given the nature of the trip. i know i wouldn't want to make the trip on my own. not that i wouldn' would just make it a bit harder!

  5. I don't have any advice to give you (re: Priceline), but I wish you luck! I know that making all these up-in-the-air travel arrangements can be so stressful!

    And I would feel pretty freaked out, too, if my DH wasn't able to be there with me every step of the way. So, congrats, you're normal. =)

    In the meantime, c'mooon, Aunt Flo! =)