Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First monitoring appointment...sort of

So I went in this morning for my first monitoring.

After only two days of stims.

Oh well...didn't show much.

I'm trying not to be disappointed, to remember that it is only two days of stims.

It's an ob/gyn, not an RE, so he looked around and said that he saw some clusters of very small follicles and a few measurable ones.

Reassure me?

Last IVF I went in after three days of stims on microdose lupron flare and there were 21 follicles already! And my E2 was 2600.

Well we all know how that cycle tanked.

I definitely know I stimmed too hard last time and I don't want that this time, but I don't want to stim too slowly either....

This is always so hard because with me, it's always something.


EDIT TO ADD: My E2 was 2600 after FOUR days of stims, not three on the last one. Still way too high. But at least I'm not so behind.

My E2 today was only 79...at least higher than at suppression, right??


  1. 2 days of stims is very early!!! I've always had day 4 and day 5 stim checks and my follies are pretty small even then and you know I don't have a quantity issue when it comes to ER. Nice and slow is what you need, so this is good! =)

  2. Yes, it's cliche, but "slow and steady wins the race."

    Like you said, your last super-fast stim cycle was a bust.

    This cycle, I hope that the slow stimming means that your body is taking its time, developing *quality* eggs.

    Hang in there, my friend!

  3. I've never had a check after two days. 2600 after 3 is crazy. So it was early. And not an RE.

    Hoping you feel a bit more reassured after the next check.

  4. I think slow and steady is much better and maybe he also didn't measure & count b/c he doesn't normally do this. The people at the clinics are so accustomed to doing the scans and measuring everything in sight that you're not really comparing apples to apples. You want things to be different and so far it is so take it as a good thing okay? Hang in there - you're always in my thoughts.