Wednesday, July 22, 2009


No AF yet.

I don't know when the last possible day she can show up and I can still start stims THIS Saturday.

I know you're supposed to remain flexible through this process, but the way I had to work my work schedule--they had to reschedule 28 patients already to accomodate these dates (my schedule books out ahead of time) and I will be SO MAD if I am stuck with no work/no patients and am here, rather than there. Not to mention the flights, some family matters I really need to attend to out of town (which will then screw up my local monitoring if it gets pushed back)...the list goes on and on. Keeping an IVF secret also makes schedule snafus extremely hard. Do you think if I bitch and moan enough that will bring AF on? 'Cause I'm giving it my level best here.

I wonder if my acupuncturist can do anything to bring her on? I'm desperate people.

I hate Lupron.


  1. I tried the acupuncturist route...she said she thought she could help...but even with that, it took another day or so for AF to arrive. Lupron makes me LATE. I hope she comes soon for you!

    I know it must be hard to keep this cycle a secret. I tried last time and it didn't work...I just couldn't come up with enough excuses for things. Cycling out of town just puts a wrench in everything. I hope you stay on schedule and everything works out! Now, go for a run, wear your best undies, have sex with DH, you get the idea....!

  2. Lupron makes me late too, so frustrating to deal with when you have plans in place. Take a deep breath, you still have a little time. As long as you start by 9p Thur, you will be on cd3 on Sat and ready for stims. Will they let you start stims on cd2? If so, then you have through 9p Fri.

    I don't know how you keep this secret, I could never do it, I'm too much of an open book. I imagine it is stressful. But at least you have a small group that you can vent to and we're all here for you.

    Sending you lots of AF vibes!

  3. That sucks. I hope the old biotch makes her appearance asap.

  4. I was waiting for along time on Lupron too so I know how you feel. Get out the white shorts, visit the acupuncturist...anything can help at this point. I really hope that things work out timing wise for you.

  5. Ugh. Sending some PMS/AF vibes your way. I would send the pimples too, but that would be mean and I like you.