Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Already with the drama!

What's an IVF cycle without drama?

So my E2 was only 72. After two days of stims. Personally, I wasn't too surprised or worried. My first two local cycles I had slow to rise E2 that then rocketed up. And 72 after two days of stims is higher than those cycles after 3-4 days of stims.

But CCR.M. did not agree.

When they called, they said "Your doctor really wants you to add Menopur tonight....(awkward pause)...but it's up to you."

Oh dear.

You see, I had raised some issues with Menopur. Mostly because on cycles 3 and 4 my fert rates went to hell and those were my two Menopur cycles. So I was kind of scared of Menopur. I had read research that said to measure endogenous LH and only add it if someone is really suppressed, otherwise, it can funk up the eggs.

So on today's lab, guess what test couldn't be done in one day? Of course. LH.

So they had my E2 and my P4 but no LH.

I squeaked out: "Can't we just wait and see what the LH is tomorrow and then decide? After all, you normally wouldn't have even had any results after only two days of stims..."

They reaffirmed that she wants to add it.

I hung up.

And then panicked. And then paged them back. They were clearly annoyed.

Then they said: "The E2 is really low. And that's not good. So she wants you to add it."

So I did. Gulp.

It's done now.

I know my body. My E2 will take off. The follicles will grow. I just don't want to wind up in a situation like last time where I coasted repeatedly. If I get the LH number tomorrow and it's not suppressed I'm going to be a little upset.

Any thoughts?


  1. First of all, you did the right thing paging them - just think of the huge load of cash you paid to them and that certainly merits a phone call or page or two does it not? Do not beat yourself up about it or even feel guilty for one second.

    Secondly, one shot of Menopur tonight may be what you need to get things going a little bit and then they can tell you to drop it tomorrow when your LH comes in. You may just do only the one shot and hopefully that won't cause your body to go into overdrive. It's one shot right? That's why they do such close monitoring, so they can adjust to doses as required on a daily basis if need be. I think when your E2 shot up last time it was after a few days of doing Menopur...this is just one shot and then they will have more info on which to base their next decision. BTW, did they tell you to take 1 amp or two?

    I've also heard that adding Saizen slows down the stims at the beginning a little so maybe that will counter your body's past reaction of having your E2 shoot up high.

    This is such a rollercoaster ride but you are doing all the right things, asking all the right questions and being your own advocate when you need to be the most. You have definitely stood up for yourself. I'm rooting for you all the way!

  2. Ah man, how stressful!!! I have no experience to compare as I've never done a cycle without menopur. I agree with KayJay, it was just one shot and you can adjust accordingly tomorrow. Maybe you needed that little jump start. I know this is all so scary and stressful, I experienced the same on my 4 IVF with doing a completely unfamiliar protocol. I was stressed to the max making sure it went perfect. I'll be all the sidelines encouraging you the whole way. Hugs

  3. You should be able to page the f*** out of them and they should like it - you are dumping an insane amount of cash their way - cash that eventually puts food in their mouths. Sorry - I get really pissed when the people you pay are shitty to you - I am a lawyer and I would never act like that - nor would I ever get away with it. Sigh.

    I shudder at remembering my IVF cycles - a few follies would explode very quickly and then I would be screwed out of being able to have the others catch up. I was on menopur for all of my IVFs - and I am not sure if our failures/miscarriages were truly due to Mr. M's sperm or my shitty response and possible egg quality issues - they never complained about my eggs except for the last cycle. Gah - I hate this for you but continue to stick up for yourself and ask a billion questions if you need to - have no regrets.


  4. I think you did the right thing. I think you are doing a long lupron this time, right? so you are probably more suppressed than last time, which makes me think that one shot of menopur will actually help...as will continuing with it if it is warranted. I think last cycle was a "soup sandwich" (total disaster) and you and your RE are so much more informed this time. They do know what they are doing - you are both on the same page- I think taking their advice is the right thing at this stage. I predict a good follie check in the next few days...