Sunday, July 12, 2009

IVF, take 5

How did we get here?

Scratch that. It really doesn't even matter anymore. The fact is, here we are.

I'll use this to anonymously chronicle this journey--our very last chance with IVF. I won't use my real name or any other identifying information. I won't post pictures. This blog must remain anonymous, so do not share it with anyone who will "bust me." I just can't take that. If you know who I am in real life, keep it under wraps. Please. If you comment and use my real name or something else identifiable, I'll delete it. Geez I sound like a real biyatch don't I? Sorry. Those of you who struggle with IF, who struggle with how long to keep going down this road, who struggle with explaining yourself, justifying your reasons for continuing this pursuit even when the odds aren't great--well, you get why I have to stay quiet on the home front.

I just need this place so much. You all know why.

Support is essential.

More to come. Of this, you can be sure!


  1. I hear you - we need to have a safe place.

  2. Just saying "hi". And hoping so much that take five is the real deal.

  3. We all need a place to go where we can vent and truly express ourselves and sometimes, the www is the place to go. I have everything crossed for you and will be following along closely.

  4. You're secret is safe with me. Best wishes for Take 5:):) I can't wait to continue reading and cheer you on!

  5. I am so happy and excited for you and Mr. Last Chance!

  6. I will continue to be one of your faithful cheerleaders!

    Unload all the emotion you want. We're all here for you.

    Looking forward to learning more details!

  7. Oh I sooooo get everything you wrote! Don't you hate when you have to explain why you're still trying???!!!! People don't get it, they think it's easy to just give up and move on. We are totally here for you and I wish you the absolute best on #5! We are totally done, our one embryo is our last chance and it has put so much anxiety on us. Looking forward to cheering you on the entire way!

  8. I just commented on someone's blog in anger and frustration that her neighbor, upon learning her IVF had failed said "well, I guess you're done now." WTF is that about?! How DARE anyone make such a defeatist and negative comment about the extremely personal and intimate decisions of another human being?! Ugh! I wanted to scream!

    So this being your last IVF or the next one or whenever, that's YOU and your husband's business and only you two can judge what's right for you. Everyone else should remain busy judging what's right for them.

    I am thrilled for you and am eager to cheer you on and offer support. This journey is hard enough to receive anything else!


  9. I hate that you have to do this anonymously- you should be able to ask for and get all the support from those nearest and dearest to you.
    However, circumstances being what they are, I totally understand why you are on the journey you're on and doing what you're doing now.
    Three cheers from this corner. I can't wait to hear details.

  10. I totally understand your need to go incognito! I think it is great that you are giving it another shot and I hope to follow along to your success! (plus, my guess is it will be less stressful with less IRL people knowing...but I've never been able to test that theory).