Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rogue patient

The last couple of days have been up and down. Ok, the last couple of years have been up and down, but specifically for this cycle...

So I had bloodwork drawn last Friday, and everything came back but the LH. I got that little diddy yesterday, and it was kind of high. Like, 'uh oh that might be the start of an LH surge and then I've ovulate and be out' kind of high.

Naturally I panicked. CC.R.M. did not. They didn't even want to order any other bloodwork, instead, saying just to proceed as normal and get my bloodwork done this coming Friday.

Well, there was no way I could've waited all that time, wondering if I had indeed ovulated over the weekend and everything would be off.

So I went rogue on them and ordered my own bloodwork. (note: for me, this is rebellious. I was that kid in school--you know, the straight A, never snuck out, never drank, never did anything wrong/rebellious type kid...and adult for that matter...)

Ok, so they were right. I hadn't ovulated. My estrogen was up to 140, so they're saying that after this Friday's ultrasound, assuming my lining still looks ideal, they'll start me on progesterone on Sunday to lock it in, and also start me on oral estrogen to bump up th eestrogen level. My nurse said that even if my estrogen doesn't hit their magical (and somewhat arbitrary) number of 300, it won't delay anything.

Obviously I confessed my blooddraw. I'm quite certain I could feel their eyes rolling all the way from Denver to here.

Now I just have to get to ultrasound--and of course I won't be able to update easily because straight after that visit I'll hit the road to go see my parents. Yeah. I wasn't going to go until my Dad got on the phone and asked when I was coming. Sometimes he's so childlike, and really, I just couldn't say: 'not until Thanksgiving.' So it will be a quick trip--nothing like 6.5 hours in the car for just a one night trip (does anyone want to call me and entertain me while I'm driving? :) ) but emotionally I guess it will be worth it. Maybe Mr. LastChance can pop on here and do a quick update, since I know you'll all be dying to know....

Now if things fall apart at the ultrasound...oh boy. How to hide that colossal disappointment from my mother? But I'm getting ahead of myself.

One final question: protein. So we're vegetarian. I know I don't get a lot of protein. For the fresh part of the cycle I completely amped up my protein (whey protein drinks twice) much to Dr. M's delight. I hadn't even really thought about that for the transfer. Any thoughts? I mean, I still have a week...


  1. I love that you confessed! That is so cute and brave! I hope that things go super smooth - no more ups and downs!

    Not sure about the protein piece...

    Also, if I remember - do you live in Atlanta? I am here for the board I am on and although I am having dinner with clients tonight at 6, I would love to get together after that if it is feasible. If you do and want to, email me at - I will be checking that email until about 4. I am staying at the Georgian Terrace.

  2. I love that you took control and did it yourself even if they were right.

    You MUST feel better, which has to be better for you, right?

  3. Well... you little outlaw! ;-)))) So glad everything is on track!

  4. Oh Ashley! (I've *just* finished catching up on all your posts I missed while away)

    I'm sorry that, yet again, your numbers have kept you in suspense. BUT, I'm thrilled that CCRM is still giving you the big fat thumbs-upskies.

    I thought about you often while on my 'moon, wishing you tranquility (maybe the vibes take a bit longer to travel from Aruba than they do from California! ;) ).

    You're doing GREAT, my dear! *hugs*

  5. I think it's great you had your levels checked! I think anyone in your shoes would if they were able....let them roll their eyes in Denver. LOL! YOU ROCK!

    Glad all is still going well & I think a visit with your Dad will be just what you need.

    Keep up the good work! Melissa :)

  6. I like that you are going from goodie-two-shoes to rebel-with-a-cause! You go girl!

    I don't think the protein is that important for your lining. My friend is a vegetarian and she did DE at 50 (almost 51), which is essentially a FET protocol. She got pg just fine.

    E-mail me when you are traveling. I'll try to call!

  7. Good for you for going rogue! You just have to do what makes you feel better and I was thinking you should go ahead and get some b/w drawn and an u/s, even if it's just for your own peace of mind. As for the protein thing, if it makes you feel better to drink those shakes, than keep drinking them. I started drinking those protein shakes afterwards and that is actually recommended by the nutritionists if you haven't been putting on weight so pre and post is fine. And, to echo what Phoebe said, lots of vegetarians give birth to healthy kids so just eat some more nuts and beans okay?

  8. My husband needed extra protein when he was healing after the amputation and I fed him protein shakes and bars. Some of the Cliff bars are actually really good.

  9. I love that you ordered your own labs!
    I am basically doing the same thing, since I can't get in to see my OB for 2 weeks and am having some serious issues, I just grabbed a doc that I work with and said "here... sign this" HA! (she DID ask a few questions!)
    I would have TOTALLY done the same thing.
    You have to have Mr. LC post on your U/S! You can't keep us spinning!

  10. The only gleam of info I have, which is not much at all, is that several articles I read did recommended a higher protein consumption during pregnancy (I remember the goal being to hit at least 75g of protein a day). It is a lot. It would be hard to get than on beans, nuts, dairy and eggs alone (and you're not a big egg person). So shakes it is. I felt it helped. It can't hurt as long as you are well balanced in your diet (i.e. not giving up veggies or carbs for protein and are hydrated). What are CCRM's thoughts?