Friday, November 13, 2009

Leaving the Mile High City

I'm sitting in the Denver Airport right now. Free wifi--yay!

Bedrest was good, but it does get old. Phoebe came and visited me on Wednesday night and we had an Indian food picnic on the bed. I'd post a picture but all that stuff is packed away.

Mr. LC and I were perusing some of our old pictures and videos--and much to my dismay I realized I wore the same knee-socks to several of my past unsuccessful transfers. Ruh-roh. I brought them because 1) they're knee socks and my legs get cold in those stupid gowns and 2) I have a toe thing. As in, I don't want anyone seeing my toes. I noticed about half an hour before the transfer that there was a big old hole in the bottom of one. Classy, eh? I wanted to joke with Dr. S that I had to wear holey socks because we'd spent all our money on IVF but then again, I didn't want to be a downer in there.

So back to the socks....and the pajamas. I realized I also wore my fave flannel sock monkey PJs on bedrest for most of my transfers. Oh well--I don't really believe in that kind of stuff, but I DO believe in all the good luck charms you guys sent and that I held tightly to. Those suckers are bound to work.

The way I figure it, those little embies are turning into blasts today, right this very minute. That's what I'm choosing to believe.

By the way, we named them: Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer.

I post journals on another IF site and I got some pretty funny comments when I named my embies over there. One woman said to watch out that one doesn't split and I wind up with a Newman on board, too! Yikes. The other said to watch out for the Elaine embie to do her 'little kicks' dancing the whole nine months :)

Come Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer! One of you has GOT to stick, right??

Question: Does anyone buy into the pineapple thing? If so, tell me all about it. I'm not a fan but you know I'll do anything at this point.


  1. Listen up Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer, keep dividing and burrow in, be good to mama!

    I didn't eat any pineapple. I just took it very easy, didn't do much but sit and lay down. I just now finally got the comfort to exercise, before I was so worry to shake it loose.

  2. Awwww. Funny to think of the Seinfeld crew snuggling in tight! No worries on the socks and PJ's. I'm not usually big on that stuff either but noticed a few things like that on my transfer (same my fav baggy long yoga type pants and my fav sleep pants) freaked me out...and it still worked!

    I have eaten pineapple in the past...on BFN's. I didn't with my last 2 successful transfers. I've heard that it is good, but too much is bad, and I've heard the only thing it is likely to do (b/c you are supposed to eat the core) is make you constipated (and I DID notice that during the cycles I ate it). So, I gave up on it. I just ate healthy, took fiber (that PIO slows everything down) and took it easy. A few more days and they will be snuggling in for the long haul!

  3. My acupuncturist recommended the pineapple and the first cycle I tried it, I ended up with quads!! However, I also ate it on subsequent cycles which were negative and didn't do it this time when I ended up pg naturally, so I really wouldn't put much stock in it at all. If you hate it, skip it!!

    Laurie P.

  4. Safe travels home. And snuggle in, blasts! Love the Seinfeld names, just as long as Larry David himself does not show up.

  5. At least you get something free for your Denver visit, wi-fi! You crack me up with the names! I guess we'll have to start a sock campaign for you! Let me tell you about the holey state of my underwear!! I mean, you just can't buy that stuff at a thrift store!

    I have recently discovered the joys of fresh pineapple juice. I put it in my juicer, and it's so dang good! I might try that when I'm in the 2ww. I don't suppose there are any double-blind studies out there on pineapple juice being related to pregnancy?

  6. I am cracking up imagining those four as embryos! George complaining that he'll never make it, go on without him. Jerry shrugging and saying it is what it is, Elaine telling Jerry that sometimes the female embryos fake the blastocyst stage. Kramer trying to figure out if he can manage to split into triplets...

    Yikes! Three Kramers?

  7. Come on Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer!! Stick embies, stick!!

    Hugs to you and Mr. LC!

  8. OK, now you know I don't get Seinfeld but I love, love, love, love their names...just wait you will spend months picking the PERFECT name(s) and then you will end up calling the kid Kramer.....

  9. Ok, Lorraine about made me spit pop out my nose!
    That is tooo funny.
    LOL I can imagine quite the crew of the 4 seinfeldian ebryos right now!!
    I for sure hope Kramer sticks around!! I can imagine what his delivery would be like- throwing your cervix open and coming sliiiiding out all wild eyed!! :O

  10. Congratulations on a wonderful transfer!

  11. Love the names!!! As for the pineapple - I did it after my transfers and after one of my IUIs - not too much though since I really feel that too much of anything can be bad. (Except for the cocoa wheats I just inhaled)

    lisa from meinsideout

  12. Stick, Seinfeld Crew, Stick! Congrats on such good news and a great transfer:) So happy for you that everything is going so well. I so hope you get that ever-elusive BFP:):)

    Thankfully you are out of CO because today they are supposed to get a lot of snow!

  13. You know that's gonna be their nicknames! And pineapple juice in place of water in some dessert recipes tastes really good. It is good for digestion too... all those enzymes I guess. Oh and good in smoothies!