Sunday, November 8, 2009

The last 150 yards.

I am home again. But only for a few days--eek!

Yesterday I spent the bulk of the day sitting by my Dad's side. He is tired on Saturdays. Five days in a row of therapy make him want to sleep a lot on Saturdays. So I just sat by his bed and read, and watched him sleep. Some stretches he was like a little kid--calling out my name every five minutes or so just to make sure I was still right there while he was dozing. I was.

Later in the day Mr. LastChance brought his dog up to see him. Imagine an 80-lb boxer traipsing through the halls of the nursing home (to get to the courtyard) and then imagine this: my heart breaking when my Dad said the following (he always calls his dog 'Boy'):

"Boy, when I get home we can wrestle again in the grass like always. You'd like that wouldn't you? And then you can go running next to me when I ride my bike. Just like always. Remember how we always sprinted in the last 150 yards?"

Before we left my Dad got to telling stories about his high school days--and dates! It was fun. He even laughed--his face twisted into a beautiful half smile that to anyone else would probably look like a painful grimace--but to us, it was pure heaven to see.

We drove home late last night, as always, emotionally spent and physically tired.

I walked into the kitchen and there is was: my package!

I tore right into it. I was practically bawling. You ladies are the best. There really are no words. I love love love how I have pictures of some of you to take with me-I already knew you were beautiful, but now I have confirmation. And the charms, and bracelets, and good luck talismans--awesome.

So the lovely Brenda put all these photos and good luck charms and well-wishes together on a giant ring so I can keep them all together with me. I love the magic wand from KayJay (and getting to see her sweet face!), I love the pic of Jill, and Brenda herself, and Lorraine, and Lisa, and B&D didn't send a pic but sent pics of her most treasured good luck charms (thanks for not sending the well-used running shorts :)). I love it ALL!

Sarah sent me a beautiful handmade charm bracelet with a lovely description of each charm and it's significance...thank you.

Ms. Meg sent me a package too--in the last days right before her spectacular wedding (I feel so honored that she took the time to do this for me at such an incredibly hectic time for her). The picture of her head on a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader body cheering me on--priceless, plus I love the pin for keeping "cool as a cucumber" and the rings and the stones.

And I can't forget my two IRL friends Bea and Megan. They've been here through it all. They've offered to help in physical ways that are beyond selfless. They also know me pretty well in terms of my chocolate addiction. So allow me to introduce my personalized M&Ms.... (they have pics of Mr. LC and I on them!!!...there were also ones that were personalized with our last name, but I couldn't post those, now could I?). This is just a small sampling by the way, there are many, many more of these delectable milk chocolate bites!

And Gail, sent me an adorable teddy bear by way of her little Katie, already five months old. Katie sends it with lots and lots of luck.

I'm in the last 150 yards guys, of what many would deem an ultra-marathon. I feel you all around me. Maybe we're sprinting, I'm not sure. But we're heading towards a finish line of sorts and whether we win or lose, I'm better for the journey and I've had some incredible company.


  1. All the stuff everyone sent made me all teary. Wishing you Godspeed! And is it weird to eat yourself? Megan & I wondered abut that, but then decided it was chocolate so it didn't matter!

  2. Oh crap, crap, crappity crap...I had every intention of sending something and I suck and forgot. I'm sorry! Imagine a picture of the three of us giving you the thumbs up sign....

  3. You are soooo loved!!! Seeing all the cool things you rec'd just made me smile. =))))

  4. Hooray! Glad you came home to a lovely package in the mail. Those are the best.
    YOU'RE the best! I'm so excited for your upcoming week!

  5. Wow, all that stuff is great! Brenda did a great job putting it all together! I'll see you at the finish line ;)

  6. Your dad's words made me all teary.

  7. we're all cheering you on!

    (and don't forget to check your mailbox.)


  8. I honestly felt a little silly writing down on the customs form what was inside of the envelope (i.e. plastic wand and lucky charms) because I had to describe it for "customs purposes" since I was shipping it across the border BUT there was so much love, good wishes, support...all the intangibles that were shipped along with it too that mean so much more than the actual items themselves. We're all with you and will continue to walk with you every step.

  9. I must be completely dense...I never saw anything about sending something to you:( Please know that even though you don't have a physical token of good wishes from me, I am thinking of you often, hoping that your transfer goes well and am sending all of my good vibes to you! :)

  10. I am over hear from kayjay's blog to wish you good luck!!! I hope that all of your good luck charms work for you sweetie!!

  11. I was thinking about what to send to you and came across two jewels of quotes relating to dreams which seem to me to be very apt, given where you and Mr Leebot are right now. I will email the quotes to you. It also seems so utterly appropriate to me that in Irish, the word “dream” means “Aisling”. You two have dreamed your dreams and now you are closer than you have ever been to their fulfilment. But you have done more than dreamed - you have read, researched, emailed, cried, talked, visited dark places after setbacks, subjected yourself to all sorts of unmentionable behaviour involving your front bum, deprived yourself of sugar, read, researched some more, injected, injected, injected - and you still found time to visit your Dad the weekend before this most significant event of your journey so far. You rock Mrs LastChance! And so do you Mr LastChance! I’m glad that you feel us all with you - because we are - and will be tomorrow, Wednesday and beyond. Godspeed Mr and Mrs L - and may your dreams indeed be brought to sunshine and light xxx

  12. Hi!! I am sorry to be MIA this week. I have had my BB with me regularly and find that I can catch up on my reader during middle of the night feeds. I can't, however, comment very well from the BB. But as I read this post around 4am I told myself I had to get to the computer today to let you know I've been keeping up and am still here supporting you guys!!! I love all of the good luck wishes you received! I was going to send a pic of me with my items, but I think they work extremely well on their own and hope that they bring you all the best :)

    Let me say that the last .2 of a 26.2 mile journey is not the hardest part. You've made it through all of the rough spots. You've hit the wall at mile 20 and you kept on running. Now you're in the home stretch and you can see the finish line just ahead. While you run this last 150 yards, keep in mind that you did it! You endured the worst and you definitely still have the strength to sprint to the finish!! It is an amazing feeling and one that you will be experiencing here soon. Run as hard and as fast as you can!! And don't forget to throw your arms in the air to celebrate crossing the line and smile :)

  13. *LOVE* to you!

    Seeing all your goodies so filled with encouragement, support and love made me smile. =) You deserve all this and more.

    And tomorr-ow, tomorr-ow is onlyyyyy a day awaaaaaay! =D I have a strong feeling that something really magical is going to happen in Denver. You're going to be in my thoughts all day long.

    And, as always, I love you dad.

  14. just a quick note from me to say good luck and that I'm thinking of you. I'm sorry that I didn't send anything but I am sending good luck and warm wishes. hope all is going well. --Christina

  15. glad i logged on to get the latest TODAY!!! didn't realize it was so close. sending good luck your way!!!

  16. I'm thinking of you today!!
    I feel all angst-y and nervous for you, but it's that AWESOME kind of nervous, like right before a happy, big event like a wedding or something. Post an update just as soon as you can....
    Praying for you!