Friday, December 18, 2009

Not your parent's church!

This is a much needed post that takes a break from infertility. Enjoy!

Churches these days...many of them get a lot of flack. And it's not necessarily without many things you read about and hear about make you just shake your head and wonder what's going on.

Mr. LC and I are members of the United Methodist Church. I'm proud to say it's one of the most liberal, open minded churches I've ever seen. We signed up last spring to be a part of a new pilot campaign called "Imagine.No.Malaria"--the broader church's efforts to coordinate Methodist churches everywhere to join together to wipe out malaria in Sierra Leone. We weren't sure how we could help but knew it was something we were interested in so away we went. Our goal was to raise $60,000. I'm elated to say we raised $114,000! Some of you may have heard of Nothing.But.Nets, which is a part of the campaign that's been around for a while. If you know anything about malaria you know that mosquitoes carry this deadly but highly preventable disease, and a mosquito net used properly is often literally a lifesaver. In Sierra Leone, a child dies of malaria every 30 seconds. The Imagine.No.Malaria campaign is broader than just nets now, and I truly believe we have a shot at eradicating this disease.

Anyway, Mr. LC decided he would write a song for the campaign, to be performed at our church. I helped him a little bit. Someone else performed it and it went over well. So well, that the larger church wanted a recorded version of it to share--possibly all over the country and to be used in promotional videos.

I think it's beautiful. I know I'm biased, but the African feel, the music, the theme...I love it all. And yes, Mr. LC convinced me to sing with him.

To me, churches should be outside of their walls, out there doing the real work. Feeding the hungry, taking care of the sick, loving everyone.

Enjoy the song. And Imagine.No.Malaria.

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  1. Loved it! The entire time I listened to that song, I couldn't help but ask, why God? Why is it that someone with hearts as big as theirs are denied a little baby of their own??? I keep praying that your time is coming.

  2. Wow, what a really great song! That's amazing how much money you raised. I lived just north of Sierra Leone by a few countries. I slept in a mosquito net for 2 years and look a lot of medication to prevent malaria. It's a horrible disease, for sure. All I can do is wallow in my pity of my infertility. Here, you are actually making a difference in the world. I told you you two rock, in more ways than one!

  3. What a great song! It has such a fun vibe and it made me want to dance around the room :) Congratulations too on your awesome fund raising!!

  4. I love it. But there's something so sad at the same time. Good job, both of you.

  5. It always makes me happy when I see a church doing actual good! Unfortunately my experiences with church have been negative so it helps my outlook to see something so great happening!

    My stupid work won't let me listen to the song...I knew this job was stupid.

  6. Just recently I was telling my husband something about you and Mr. LC and said, they are a lot like us except they are really good people who do really good things in the world...

    Love the song and love the cause.

    From a born and raised (but now on hiatus) Methodist girl who has a goal to find peace with organized religion sometime in the next couple years, maybe we can chat about some things some time...

    Have I told you lately that you kick ass? Seriously.