Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Distractions...with Baking!

So... my last post--mention church and you get crickets :)

I have three or four posts rattling around in my brain. They are so depressing I am going to spare you...for now. This weekend I had a moment that could only be described as a solid kick in the gut followed by a kidney punch that took me to my knees. Don't worry, I'll fill you in eventually.

But it's the holidays. And I'm trying. Once again I find myself trying so hard to just be. To enjoy the days, the frenzied activities of Christmas, and also to find the peace in Christmas. To not dwell on the obvious--my broken heart.

So I bake.

I made a ton of cake balls. Red, green, and dark chocolate with peppermint. Here's a pic of the sugared red oreo cake balls:

And this idea I shamelessly stole from Bea...once she mentioned it I couldn't wait to try it. It's obviously most appropriate for kids, so thankfully I have a niece and nephew coming over tomorrow so I made them for them. I give you Santa Hat Oreo Truffles:

It's what I do. I don't drink, I don't smoke...I bake.

Oh yeah, and shop. Egads.

Happy Holidays!


  1. They look delicious!!! I am dying to get a sound recording of crickets for work - so when someone asks something that I do not want to answer - or that should not be answered - I can play that recording!

    BTW, I look forward to all of your posts - depressing or not. ((HUGS))

  2. You're baking impresses me so much! I tried making your cake balls a while back when you posted the recipe.. and they came out horrible.. nothing like yours, i'm sure!! when are you opening your own bakery?? i would buy from all the way "here!"
    have a good day! hugs, sofia/ds

  3. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! You are so talented!

  4. Those are adorable! Have you ever heard of Dirty Snowball cookies? I had never and had some for the first time this weekend, they are Oreos put in a food processor with a package of cream cheese and then rolled into balls and covered in white chocolate. They were delicious!

    Those red balls (ha ha ha balls) are so pretty you could hang them on the tree!

  5. Oh gosh those look soooo good! I wish I was good at baking. Actually it's probably better for my waistline that I'm not. Wishing you and your DH and nice Christmas. Take care.

  6. I hear you on the broken heart. It hurts, a lot. I've given up trying. It just isn't where I'm at, the whole happy Christmas thing. So go ahead and post those depressing posts.

  7. You must re-post the recipe or link back to it! I need to make those. OMG. Also, I didn't want you to think I forgot about my promise to ask Discovery Channel friend about an IVF story. I emailed her a while back via fb and she finally got back to me last weekend. She actually left Discovery about 2 years ago, apparently, and is now teaching. She was working with animal programming or totally outside the context of this sort of thing. I so wanted to be able to post a name here for you to write to. IVF "media" (if you will) needs compassionate, human narratives. Harumph.

  8. You are so talented! Not to mention that you must have a ton of patience to bake such beautiful treats.

    I love reading your posts, depressing or not....

    I hope you & Mr LC have a very Merry Christmas!

  9. Those Santa hats look divine, and so do the cake balls. I may have to make those Oreo cream cheese ones. Wish I could share some with you this Christmas over some hot chocolate. Thinking of you always.

  10. just looking at these pictures made me smile. you really have a way with treats!

  11. So I made a gingerbread house this year for the first time ever (from a kit of course) and needed 3 glasses of wine to make it through. LOL. Needless to say I am in awe of your skills and they all look delicious!