Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leap of faith,

Well there was really no way to type that in the title that mimicked the way it sounded in my head, but it was from "Over the Moon" from RENT...right before Maureen moos. And gets you to moo right along with her. I always do, and proudly!

I digress.

We booked our flights tonight.

As in, to Colorado. For the transfer.

I wasn't sure if I should--I've seen ladies get canceled right up at the last minute. But then again--if we waited to book them at the last minute what if there weren't any flights left? I'm so nervous about doing things early--we got a great rate but of course that means if we have to cancel/move things we pay a hefty fee.

A hefty fee. There's a novel concept.

Over at my 'other place' (do ya think anyone could figure me out? I mean, really, what are the odds someone just happened to find this blog and put two and two together? OK really I mean my mother.) I mentioned how much Mr. LastChance and I want to go to NYC at Christmastime this year. Christmas is our most favorite favorite time of the year and anyone who knows me knows I adore NYC.

Because of family issues this year we'll celebrate Christmas before the actual date, which could potentially leave us 'family-less' on the real holidays. What a better place to be than New York?

And let's face it--if things don't work out in November well, we'll need a little something to pick us up. What's a couple of thousand more spent to console ourselves at that point? Of course, if it does work the mighty CC.R.M. doesn't want anyone who is pregnant flying in the first trimester. I really don't get this. Some women work and work involves travel. I don't know--it seems a little over-cautious to me.

I always like to have something to look forward to...the transfer only sorta counts because it's fraught with a lot of crazy emotions...but a trip....ahhhhhh, a trip. That would be nothing but pure pleasure. I mentioned the idea to my Mom and she said "well, you know your finances." She's referring to another costly venture we're involved in (which I promise to share with you, my lovely readers, very very soon!) and doesn't even know about the IVF costs. I wanted to scream: "Yes mother! I do know my finances! I'm 35 years old and have managed to finance 5 IVF cycles out of pocket in 2 years without going into any debt. So yes indeedio--I know my finances." But I didn't. I just nodded at the phone and bit my tongue.

If only I could score one of those credit cards with those awesome 'earn two free airline tickets if you spent 1,000!' Seriously--Amer. Exp. extended that offer to us three different times--we took them up on it, spent the money, earned the tickets, used the tickets, then canceled the cards. And then we'd get another offer! Seriously. But in today's economy I don't think they're being as generous--or else our names are on a 'no more offers' list somewhere.

But I could spend the 1,000 like *that* (snaps finger) on a few multi-celled little beings currently being held in a frosty chamber in Colorado.

At any rate, the tickets for the one trip are bought.

Now we just hope the lining cooperates and doesn't decide to pull a skinny on me and we actually use them.


  1. So glad you are scheduled - that is exciting. I hope that you are celebrating XMAS in the midst of your first tri.

    Lisa - from meinsideout

  2. Wow. Just wow. It seemed SO FAR AWAY to me when you first started talking about the transfer in November, and now it is just around the corner.

    Well I hope your November trip is so successful you don't get to go to NYC for Christmas ! (also because I'll be so jealous I might cry a little, aren't I a nice person?)

  3. I say go enjoy your trip to NY- it's good either way, to celebrate (more than likely) or for a pick up. Your baby/ies will be fine- CCRM's policy about no flying in the 1st trimester def sounds over cautious to me. About the $, as you see it comes and goes.. but your memories last.. and the trip seems like it means alot to you either way. you're not otherwise irresponsible people.. so i say go!
    i'm really sorry the biopsy hurt.. ouch.. i can't imagine.
    i really like the idea that your online friend is doing for you on transfer day! i'm going to try and find a pic to send.. i will be thinking of you tons and will certainly be with you in spirit!
    i wish i could do more for you..
    sofia (DS)

  4. How exciting! One trip is booked and those little embies are ready to be picked up and placed nice and securely inside of your uterus for nine months:)

    I hope that you are NOT able to go to NYC for Christmas...I hope that you and hubby are huddle at home rubbing your growing belly:)

  5. Wow, you must have had a lot of bake sales to fund all your IVFs! Well, with your baking, I can see you doing that! I kinda think you took your leap of faith long ago, and this is just the last step of it. The time is finally here, yay!!

    Yeah, CCRM is paranoid about a lot of things, like my whole antibiotic story. Many women who have done IVF have traveled in their 1st trimester. It's more important that you be happy than stressed out. If the traveling makes you happy, go for it!

    And for the record, you are NOT my cycle buddy ;) (inside joke)

  6. I think the first trimester thing is mainly about making sure that you aren't unknowingly galivanting about with an ectopic pregnancy that may rupture. For my overseas flights I had to make sure to take the blood thinners, too - maybe it's worth asking about aspirin? - and wear compression stockings, but I think that was just an extra precaution.

    Hope you get everything you want out of BOTH trips!

  7. It's time to jump! =D

    I can't believe it's already HERE!

    And I agree with the others -- you should go to NYC, regardless. It's not like you'll be on some 14-hour flight, or will be traveling to a 3rd world country without medical care.

    I've got goodies coming your way!

  8. Well you know what I'm praying for, that you CAN'T go to NYC because of 1st tri flight restrictions!!!

    Did you book with Southwest? You don't lose any money with them if you have to cancel. I always book every possible combination I would need and then cancel the ones I didn't use. Now of course you don't get the money back, but you can use the full amount on future flights.

  9. Wow, I can't believe you're SO close! You are one amazing woman, and you (and Mr. LastChance) certainly deserve an amazing ending to this journey. Keep the faith!

  10. Booking your tickets always seem to lock things in place for me - it was another big outlay and it gave you a date on which you were going. I will think lush and plump thoughts for your lining (but not too thick of course!). I have never told my mother or any of my family how much we have spent on IVF and IF treatments over the past few years so it irks me to no end when they make comments about finances and saving etc. etc. You are strong to bite your tongue!! CCRM's policy about not travelling in the 1st trimester may seem overly cautious...but I did have a subchorionic hematoma during the 1st trimester so believe me, if you are bleeding, you don't want to be far from home. So, maybe you should wait and see what happens and book at the last minute and save all sorts of money on a deal and still end up going anyway, assuming you feel good. Than again, I have the same hope as Jill, that you won't be able to travel because of CCRM's overly conservative policy!!!

  11. I would ask your doc why you can't go to NYC. Really? No flying the first trimester at all? As it is, you have to fly back from CCRM right? (I do know that they won't be implanting then, so maybe that's the difference?). I think a trip to NYC for Christmas would be lovely.

  12. Yeah for having the tickets and dates!! It always makes it feel more "real".

    As incredible as NYC would be at Christmas, I don't think it could hold a candle to sitting at home with Mr Last Chance with a little one growing in your belly. I know we need to make plans for all the "what if" scenarios to keep us moving forward, but I truly hope you are sitting at home this Christmas...for very good reason.