Thursday, October 8, 2009


Crossing in cyberspace...

So I emailed Dr. M a couple of times. The second time I was pretty clear: my subject heading was "concerns" and I told her that while I had emailed the nurse, I wanted to direct my questions to her directly. AND THEN SHE SENT THE EMAIL TO THE NURSE. Thanks, Dr. M. Lovely. So I got a call from the nurse saying "about the email you sent Dr. M..." Oh well. What do I care at this point? I just want clarity on the plan and I want my concerns addressed.

Turns out they added all those extra days of progesterone because their FET calendar was already booked and they needed to delay my period by a week or so to fit me in. Ummmm, yeah. I don't really know how I feel about them artificially manipulating my cycle for scheduling reasons, but apparently that's how it's going to be. Unless I want to delay by a couple of months.


If they're that busy they need to hire more staff.

At any rate, Dr. M did end up writing me back directly late last night, so I guess that was good, too. She said that in no way would this impact the biopsy schedule or their effectiveness. I guess it is just a few extra days of progesterone...oh joy.

Unfortunately I have do my FET on a Wednesday, not a Thursday as originally planned. Again, the damn schedule. Too full. Too many embryos to thaw. Too many patients anxiously awaiting their potential children. Too.damn.many. I guess that's what you get when you go to one of the most popular clinics in the world.

Of course, Thursday would have been better for work purposes. My work has been amazingly flexible through all this crap, and I just once wanted to only miss a little bit of work, instead of gargantuan amounts of work. See, I only work half days on Thursday and not at all on Friday (I know, sweet schedule...but I work long hard days the other days, I promise :) ) and so a Thursday transfer would've meant missing half day only. Oh well, what can you do?

It's a little weird to think about so many transfers going on at once, all that thawing and culturing and....potential for problems. Mix-ups. Don't pretend we all haven't thought about it--what with the recent media stories on couples receiving the wrong embryos. Crimony, I can't even go there.

We're still figuring out the estrogen dose. Dr. M said she'd review my calendar when she's back in the regular office on Friday. At least she's acknowleding our previous discussions of using less I am breathing easier on that right now.

I scheduled my biopsies today. The scheduler was like "uterine biopsies?" like she'd never heard of them. Then when I said I needed a second one five days after the first I really threw her for a loop. I should have just left a message for the doctor to call me directly--but at least they're scheduled. I am SO looking forward to leaving work, driving like a madwoman to my gyn's office ten miles away, getting punctured in the uterus without any meds, and then going back to work to see more patients. I'm equally excited about using endo.metrin three times a day for 17 days.

God, the things we put ourselves through.

Is it normal to feel so damn tired at this point in the game?

Just wake me up when it's over please.

PS Brenda--your idea is so sweet and perfect! I'll take any pictures or goodluck charms anyone wants to throw my way :)


  1. Ugh. Okay, at least there is a reason for all of it and Dr. M is going to take another look at the calendar. My question is - if she didn't write up the calendar, who did? My old, crappy RE used to have his nurses do it (he just showed up for transfer and ER -such a superstar)...but this is CCRM we are talking about, right?

    I know they manipulate our cycles left and right, so I am sure this is a similar thing. At this point, I'd just want to get to ET day and move forward. I am so hoping all of this juggling results in a perfect little baby!!! Don't I wish we could all get pregnant the old fashioned (aka, FUN) way. Hugs.

  2. I bet that scheduler's eyes did get big when you wanted a 2nd biopsy 5 days later!!! I can't wait for your transfer to just get here so you don't have to deal with all this. Yes, it's completely normal to be exhausted at this point, I know I am! Keep the end prize in sight.

    Don't stress over the mix up of embryos. The embryologist checked my wrist band and asked me to say my name. Then Schoolie asked me to say my name 3 diff times during my transfer prep. I felt like saying "What's my name, say my name b****" from American Pie.

  3. I'm wondering if Dr. M wants to do your transfer and that's why your dates are limited? I can't imagine they already have so many people scheduled so far out. They must have to leave a certain amount of spaces for the IVFers, which is just guessing at this point. Maybe they should just do what the airlines do - over book, and then when the day comes, if they are still overbooked, they just ask who wants to be bumped a day. Maybe they would give you a free night in a hotel. Ok, maybe not such a good idea.

    If you can talk to someone, that might be better. I find e-mail breaks down communication when things get this complicated.

    Yes, it's totally normal to be so fed up with it all at this point. Someone recently quoted Winston Churchill on their blog, "If you are going through hell, keep going." This was from someone who certainly had been through hell, and finally had her baby (through DI). She said it was all worth it, so keep that in mind!

  4. I am so glad you got some things straightened out. :)

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  6. Crapola, I totally disclosed personal info in my last comment!
    I think I got it deleted before the proverbial cat got out of it's bag.

    Ok, anyway I still want to make T-Shirts that say "Team 'LastChance' " then, and I am so up for the good luck charm donation plan, and I'd love to help, if Brenda wants help!

  7. I love that you emailed the MD is super annoying that they sent it to the nurse anyway, but still I love that you are such a good advocate for yourself.

    I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to be doing the most.important.thing. in your life and it just be one of many things on their agenda for the day.

    As always, wishing you luck and gobs of disgusting baby dust.

  8. Gah. Good for you for getting some answers - keep advocating for yourself!!!

    I am so glad everything is underway and scheduled!

  9. This scheduling business seems so frustrating and I'm sorry you have to deal with that! I'm glad they are responding rather quickly to your questions at least. Like meinsideout said, keep being a strong advocate for yourself!

    And I want to send something with you too!!

  10. I have a good luck charm and a box of Endometrin that I need to unload...if you want either of them shoot me an email. murgdan (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. this is for you sweetie! :)

    (I can place a link if you like but I know you may want to stay private.)

  12. Oooo! Oooo! I had the same thought that Brenda did! I would love to send you a good luck charm! Shoot me an email with your address?

    It IS super annoying that CCRM is f'ing with your cycle, just so it's more tailored to their schedule. Grrr. It's like, "HELLO, people! In case you hadn't noticed, A LOT is riding on this transfer." Still, I'm sure that Dr. M is a smart cookie, and wouldn't risk messing this up for the world.

    How did the biopsies go???

  13. I'm glad that Dr. M emailed you personally. Would it be worth a regroup with her just to make sure everything is settled the way you want it to be?

    I'm going to email you about good luck charm thing! (-;

  14. Ugghhh - Why can't any of this be easier! Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Just catching up on your recent posts.

    Good luck with the biopsies, and with all the extra progesterone and of course with the FET!

    I don't blame you for feeling tired at this point in the game. You've been through the wringer and more, and none of this is exactly a joyride.

    Many hugs to you - and fingers crossed!!

  15. It is totally and completely natural to feel tired at this point and after everything you have been through, it is not unexpected. I am sorry they're postponing your FET because of scheduling on their part - I had scheduling issues around mine too as I was right up against the June/July shut down but it all worked out in the end for timing. I hope that things start to magically fall into place for you. Good for you for contacting Dr. M directly and who cares if she sent it to the nurse - you are not the first and won't be the last patient who wants to hear it from the horse's mouth and after everything you've been through, your nurse should be empathetic. Good luck with everything!!