Monday, March 1, 2010

Blogger WTF?

I'll admit it, and it's probably no surprise.

I heart comments.

Sometimes when things aren't great I'll re-read old comments and they warm me right up, like my electric blanket throw but much more cheaply. Seriously, I love my electric blanket throw but it is a serious electricity hog and that makes me feel guilty.

Anyway, today I was just looking back at my 'edit posts' section and noticed that for a considerable section of my posts there are no comments. They're all gone.

I know they were there before. Where for art thou comments?

Is anyone else having these issues? They'd better come back....

On another note, can I say that I loathe car shopping?

It is neither fun nor exciting. I hate talking to car salespeople, I hate feeling like I'm automatically getting the screwgie, I hate thinking about car payments, and I hate thinking that as soon as we buy one something better will come along. I barely even wanted to test drive one today because I was convinced I'd have a wreck and having the salesman in the back seat made me all nervousy and I was driving like a granny.

And also, we're getting a wagon of some type.

I'll let you read into that whatever you will.

But seriously, are we cool or what?


  1. Wagons are way cool. My first car was the Banana. A yellow Volvo stationwagon. Loved it. And I hate buying cars too until I realized I could make the salesman squirm by being the "bad" one and not taking all their pathetic offers. We also played the game where we would call another competing dealer and tell them that this dealer was offering us x, could they go lower? It was fun then. It helps we were in Houston where there are more dealerships. Hope you find a wonderful wagon. And you get to name it!
    Hope you get your comments back too. Don't they know how important they are???

  2. What kind of flippin' shenanigans is Blogger up to??? That's so sad about your comments. =( Do you use Safari? I've noticed that sometimes Blogger goes super wonk when using Safari, but the problems disappear once I switch over to Firefox.

    I hate car shopping too! My last purchase was the stuff of legends. It was TRAUMATIC, in all caps. I could have produced a made-for-TV movie out of it. Anyways, I agree with Aunt B! Play the damn dealerships against each other! --- And ugh, I can only imagine the comments you've been getting, re:purchasing a wagon. *hugs*

  3. I just checked my blogger "edit" page and noticed a couple posts that listed like 1 comment or something, but when I actually click on the post, all the comments are still there. Too weird!! I hope yours are there too.

    As for the car shopping, I feel your pain. Hate it and always feel like I am getting screwed. I hope it is over soon and you have a great vehicle for years to come!

  4. I heart comments too!

    I just bought a car, and when I told my sister about how I did it, she called me a salesperson's "wet dream". I paid sticker. And bought the extra warranty. ANYTHING so I did not have to talk to them.

  5. I always think you're better off if you can find a female car salesperson. Sure, women can be just as slimy as men, but it's harder for them to pull it off.

    Okay - I know I'm on bedrest, so maybe this is beyond the realm of necessary, but... I am looking for a new car and am of course doing all of the research online. I made a spreadsheet with each additional feature priced out, and during my one and only test drive so far I brought my laptop and typed in everything the salesperson said about freebies, additional charges, etc. so that I could always just say "Well, this is all included with the Honda..." or "There's no charge for that at the downtown dealership..."

    I just don't like the idea that the sales staff has a big system to back them up and the customer sits there just hoping for the best - I figure bringing my own "system" in at least makes it look like I know what I'm doing.

    Good luck!

  6. I'm not a car person, but for whatever reason, a Volvo station wagon is my favorite car. And I'm not even lying!

    Do I know cool or what? :)

  7. You guys are super cool! I am so glad to hear that you are buying a wagon...

    Try to find someone that knows someone that sells cars so you can cut through the bullshit - we lucked out - a friend knew an owner of a dealership and our salesperson was like a normal person.

  8. I haven't noticed a comment problem...but I've had issues with blogger before. I just wanted to chime in that I HATE HATE HATE car shopping...passionately.

    But i don't hate gosh...go for it!

  9. Blogger pulls the weirdest of tricks, really. I do not know how you do it. Putting up with it, I mean.
    Anyway, we also got a wagon, a sporty one, not a Volvo, as it seems to be the favourite of your commentators, but still Swedish. ;-) It is GREAT. We were also very lucky to find a family business dealership, where we were treated very well. I hated going to the dealerships and ask for info and test drives and the whole shabang, so I can understand your dreading the car shopping. I hope you get a great car.

  10. When I went to edit posts, I too noticed that about 6 of my posts in the near past had no comments listed, but then when I went to those posts, all my comments were there, whew! Hope you find the same.

  11. I feel your pain when it comes to car shopping. I hate it as well. Maybe that's why I drive a 10 year-old car. Well, that and the fact that IF treatments are EXPENSIVE. Luckily my dad is a GM retiree, so I can get employee pricing, which bypasses sales BS. Still hate it though...

    And wagons are way cooler than minivans!

  12. I haven't noticed any troubles with blogger lately, but sometimes all my bloggie buds will disappear from my dashboard. After I sign out and come back in they are back.

    I hate car shopping too. We will be doing that in 2yrs b/c DH needs a new car but we only want 1 car payment at a time. :) Wagon, huh? Does that mean van?

  13. Ha ha ha my sister WAS totally their wet dream...I hated car shopping too. I wanted the car and I knew what I wanted but I LOATHED talking to the smarmy dealers. I knew I could have gotten a better deal but after awhile I just was sick of it and took the offer. I refused to test drive it because I was sure someone in NYC would dent it and I'd have to buy a dented car...

    I want to see pictures and I love to hear the name. My car's name is Olive.

  14. Oh, yeah, blogger... urrrrrk. I really hope you get your comments back!

    And hey - really glad you went for the wagon :)

  15. i strongly dislike car shopping, but we did just get a new (to us) car since m's truck (1996) was giving out. my dad is a SUPER negotiator when it comes to car shopping and i'd like to think i've learned a few things from him so i'll share what i can think of.
    1) buy used-this is a huge savings right off the bat.
    2) a dealer NEVER pays more than trade in value for a used car. so start your negotiations in that range. (for instance, the car we bought had a trade in value of $8975, private party value of $10,975, and a retail value of $12,950-as you can see, that is $3975 in mark up-probably more since it is likely they didn't pay full trade in value. our buying price was exactly midway between trade in and private party. i'm sure some could do better, but we were comfortable with the price based on the vehicle's condition.)
    3) know your stuff.,, etc. are extremely valuable resources. you need to check this for each individual car you negotiate on due to variances in trim models. be sure to note all values-trade in, private party, retail.
    4) do all of your research before you ever begin a negotiation.
    5) always be prepared to walk away. that's when the real negotiating begins. :)
    6) never let a trade in factor into the buying price. (i know this won't be necessary in this specific instance.)
    7) set a price in your mind that you are comfortable with and stick to it. don't be afraid that you will lose your chance at a certain car. you might do better at another dealership.
    i really don't like that they make it so much trouble to get a good price, but it can be endured briefly for a good deal!
    best of luck! :)

  16. I'm betting you could get a great deal on a Toyota right about now ;) And yes, dealing with car salespeople ranks right up there with invasive dental work. Why must it be so?

  17. I also drive a wagon...its great for lots of stuff like camping gear and drinking gear. :) I hope you make the decision and buy soon so that you can be done with the salespeople! As far as the comments, please keep writing and the comments will keep coming.

  18. 15, 25, 37, 44, 46, 51
    tomorrow's texas lotto numbers. Then you can buy a Jag. Call it Mojo Jojo in my honor.

    What are the odds?

  19. I really hate car shopping too. It takes too much time and energy and just knowing that cars depreciate the moment you drive off of the lot.

    And I HEART comments too:)

  20. Not a wagon owner but love our Hondas! We both drive older cars too because we refuse to give in / shell out money for a vehicle. I think it's because my father bought a new car every year and he always drug us to the dealership....but that's a story for another day. Good luck with your shopping ~ I hope it's over soon!

  21. When I crashed my car two years ago, I too hated the car shopping process. I grieved the loss of my wrecked car because I really loved it. But you know what? I'm so glad I took the time to find the right used car because I love my new (used) car! I've been thinking up a metaphor about my car experience and my eggs vs. donor eggs. The old model/new model thing. I feel like I just need to get used to the new model and I'll love it.