Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stealing a post about numbers...

Saw this on Penney's blog and couldn't resist stealing.

1,213-number of random facts I have memorized about lipid metabolism.

2,567- number still to learn.

200-estimated number of said facts that are actually useful to me in my practice.

3.5-number of weeks until the test.

180-estimated number of planned minutes of trail running to do this weekend (the weather is divine).

75-minutes of yoga to do on Sunday.

0-number of abs exercises I have done lately...and boy is it showing.

2-number of homeless men who flirted with me last night at the shelter. Hey, when you've got it, you've got it....

1-number of rabbits offered to me randomly at a gas station yesterday. Very weird indeed.

4-number of pounds of chihuahua that can absolutely crowd you out of your own bed. Seriously.

1-upcoming mission trip to Mexico to possibly plan/coordinate, although I fear I am crazy to take on yet another responsibility like this...

48-number of days until we fly to NYC.

7-number of days we will be there.

2-number of OKGo shows for which I have purchased tickets.

8-number of pounds I would like to lose.

17-number of pages I have read in my current book club book, "The Help." (anyone read it?)

449-total number of pages in said book. I need to get busy.

1,440-total number of minutes in a day.

60-number of minutes we will lose tonight to Daylight Savings. Sniff sniff.

2-number of deer I can see right this minute in my yard nibbling the grass.

1-beautiful blue lake I can see from my front yard if I crane my neck just so....

76-number of degrees Fahrenheit it will be today. Aaaaah, springtime in Central Texas.

17-number of minutes I have spent dwaddling while writing this post, despite all the things listed above that I need to do.

2-number of babies I will have in a perfect world.


  1. Love this post - this list! I did read The Help - it was really good. Hope you like it too.

  2. I like "dwaddling" - is that a Texas thing?

  3. I live in NYC so if you need any insider tips... or wanna meet for tea or a martini, PLEASE let me know!!! :)

  4. 1- more amazing post from you! I might have to think about a few numbers to post on myself!

    You are a busy woman. And being hit on by homeless men and being offered a rabbit? Super funny.

  5. What a fantastic post. It put a smile on my face, so thank you. Boy some weird stuff has happened to you lately.

  6. Hey, maybe that's why they you so much at the homeless shelter! When you've got it, you DO got it! I bet Mr. LC is all jealous, ;P

    Sounds like a fun weekend planned minus the studying part. Really. That is a crapload of info just about lipids. Good Lord!

    And I am totally expecting another fantastic NYC video with a lot of OKGo photos and video (if you can sneak it)!

  7. Um, I think you have more that 1440 minutes in your day! Wow you guys are busy, good for you!

    Here's a number for you since you're talking numbers and lipids: 1246. That was my DH's triglycerides last Summer. A number we better never see again!

  8. the post.

    Recently finished "The Help" & I loved it! Hope you enjoy it as well. Today I finished "Sarah's Key"....another great book.

  9. Wow, that's a lot of minutes running. I ran 40 minutes yesterday, and was pooped. I think you get the ab workout with the yoga, no? Whew, I'm tired just reading all your numbers!!

  10. On the poundage front I cannot see where you are hiding those eight pounds. if you need to lose eight, I need to lose eighty!! Just loved the last line; every day is bringing you closer to your babies xxx

  11. I'm impressed you can find all these number correlations while memorizing all those lipid facts. Seriously, that is a boatload of facts. Counting down the weeks with you.

    8 lbs is my goal too...damn cadbury mini eggs are killing it though. (-;

  12. Seriously I have got to find a yoga class, I think it would do me wonders!

    I'm so happy for you guys that you get to go to NYC (jealous! but happy)

    I have a very tiny cat that likes to sleep pretty much ON my head, I know what you mean about being crowded out by a tiny animal!

  13. 1 - the number of big grins that I had reading that post.

    It sounds astonishingly beautiful where you live. Deer eating grass? Here in the UK, I'm more likely to see students smoking grass...

    Need to also confess this one: 1 - the number of my wife's special sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free truffles that I've pinched whilst she's been upstairs. Phew - glad to get that off my chest (and onto my waistline) as the guilt was killing me quicker than the cholesterol, or the rogue lipids... :)

  14. So, did you take the bunny? :)

    Have fun in NYC!!

  15. absolutely LOVED the help! read it last month for book club and just gave it to my sil. that book had me laughing out loud and crying too. such a good read! you're probably finished with it by now!