Thursday, March 4, 2010


So we bought a used car. It's a Subaru wagon, and it's silver, and I'd like to name it The Silver Bullet but since we have always called each other Scoobie or Scoob we are betting it'll end up being called Scoob's Sube. Or the SCUBARU. Or something like that. At any rate, the mister is driving it now because, come on, he has been driving around the old overheating mess for forever now and he deserves a smooth commute.

Yesterday when we were driving home with the car, following each other, making plans to go to dinner to celebrate (some other things happened yesterday that were pretty awesome too but we're not quite talking about them yet) I just felt so overcome with luck.

We are wealthy beyond measure.

I was reading a book yesterday on living a more disciplined life. The author pointed out that just the fact that I could buy the book and have the luxury of time to read it meant I'm wealthy by the world's standard.

And there we were yesterday--driving off in a new used car, going out to dinner, then home to exercise, then probably to watch some television and then maybe to study (me) or play music (him) with our leisure time.

We have no idea of our wealth.

Just owning a car and a home places us as wealthier than 95% of the world's population. It's enough to make me cry.

All around me people struggle to make ends meet, who never get a relaxing evening out as they work themselves to the bone with one low paying job and then move on to the next. Did anyone read "Nickeled and Dimed?" Powerful, powerful stuff.

There is no such thing as ownership. Everything--the Silver Bullet, our house, even our children--do not belong to us. They come to us and they pass through us, but we do not own them.

And the most beautiful things in life are still very much free. Free free free. And they cannot be owned either.

I have griped endlessly on here about money. About spending $80K for a chance at a pregnancy. I know I am lucky to have even had the chance. Do I wish it had worked out differently? Of course. I'm human and I'm not stupid and I know that money in the bank is a luxurious thing and honestly I wish that $80K was in the bank. But it was never mine to begin with, right? It passed through me, it fueled my quest, my hope. It served its purpose I suppose.

Oh guys, I have been so lucky.


  1. Yes, I did read "Nickeled and Dimed" and yes, in many ways, we are lucky beyond imagination. Perspective, huh?

  2. I hear you. The homeless legal clinic that we started reminds me of just how wealthy we are...

    Like everything, I wish my healthy, lucky perspective lasted longer and I need to remind myself of it frequently.

  3. While I haven't read the book, our pastor has preached on this subject and how we're blessed beyond measure if we just have food on the table and a roof over our head. It's a real eye opener. So happy to hear you chipper and can't wait to hear what you're celebrating. Hugs

  4. I have such admiration for you that you are able to embrace the good fortune in your life. With infertility and your father's illness, it would be so easy to see things differently. I know I get mired down in anger and sadness over my bad luck so often, and it is hard to claw your way out of that kind of thinking when things are going your way. It really is a testament to your resilient spirit!

    BTW, I like "scubaru".

  5. We are incredibly lucky. At night I thank God every day for things that others may think is silly- my education, our jobs, my house, my transportation, and whatever may be on the horizon (trips, etc.). Of course, I thank him for family, friends, health, etc. which I think a lot of people do, but I always have to include the other (material) things as they are what make a huge difference in my life too. Not only have we seen friends lose all of it, but working in the ER, you see people that live under such stressful circumstances and having those things (education, job, house, car) makes things soooo incredibly much more manageable.
    I love Subaru wagons. I like "scubaru" the best. Hooray! And very excited that you got some welcome news too! A wonderful day!

  6. Happy to hear you are doing well. Many times it's the "poorest" people who are the happiest.. it's all about perspective and appreciating the things we do have. Take good care and i hope all the good feelings, perspectives just increase. sofia

  7. Yep, "the Scuburu" is the best, because it's uniquely yours. Anyone could have a Silver Bullet. Anyway, everyone I know with a Sub wagon loves it, if that counts for anything.

    I'm glad you have something going on that makes for such an intriguing parenthetical tease, too! When things are good it's the easiest time to see how lucky we are - there are so many little things that are easy to take for granted, but it can be SUCH a wonderful feeling to realize what there is to be grateful for. Yay!

  8. We had to be in downtown Chicago around 6 am for our first IVF. This was the first time that I had seen people under bridges sleeping in cardboard boxes or covered with newspapers. I'd heard about that sort of thing but had never seen it with my own eyes. It really does bring some perspective to how bad you have it - or don't.

    Good to hear that you have something exciting going on. I can only imagine :)

    So, if you guys are Scoobie and Scoobs, does that mean a little one would be Scrappy?

    BTW, thank you for the encouraging words...

  9. I am super lucky too. Thanks for reminding me to remember.

  10. Oh man, the suspense is KILLING me already. I want to say that I'm happy for you- but I still have no idea why. Looking forward to when you're ready to share. =)

    And you're so right, we are very lucky. I think about how lucky we are all the time... It's an odd combination of being grateful and sad for others at the same time.

    BTW, Scubaru- Cracked. Me. Up.

  11. Sometimes I feel so lucky, I wonder when it's all going to fall through the cracks. I have had more luck than I deserve, by miles, but I truly am so, so grateful. I get mired down in daily crap just like everyone else, but many, many times a day, I just think: wonderfulwonderfulwonderful.

  12. AWESOME POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything in life comes to us...... and eventually......... everything will pass through us...........and no......we don't own them......Funny you say that....I was standing in line at the store the other day and this elderly lady was in front of me....... talking to the cashier......I couldn't hear what the lady in front of me was saying
    because her back was turned towards me........but I knew it must be important because the cashier(who was in lady in her 60's) had a very pensive look on her face......and the next thing I hear the cashier say is "You spend all your time and effort raising them and then they move away and leave"........

  13. Thanks for the reminder! That was a great post!

    I'm glad that there has been some good fortune- you deserve it! Take care of you, Mr. LC, and the Scubaru :)

  14. I like this post... a lot. I'm glad you're feeling so positive and thankful. We are so blessed too.

    And, we're thinking of getting a station wagon soon too! You're challenging me to come up with a good name...

  15. I have recently been pondering the same kind of thing- we downsized and sold our house to rent and make life more affordable for us for the things that "mattered" most, and it has really been humbling but fulfilling and amazing what it's brought about it my attitude.
    I am on pins & needles about your new, great news! I hope you feel like sharing soon... :)

  16. First, how crazy is it that our silver Rav4 is named the silver bullet. Seriously. My friend has a gold one named nugget. Bullet and Nugget. LOL.

    I love this post and the reminder it brings. We get so bogged down in the day to day that it's nice to step outside and really see what we do have.

    I can't wait to hear what awesome things you aren't talking about yet...

  17. Everything has a balance in the universe, and I think your attitude is in counterbalance to where I'm at with my issues with money right now! Whatever you are on, I'd like a dose please! I'm glad you are feeling up. Subaru is a good choice, very safe car. I love your car names. Oh, and thanks for the cliffhanger!

  18. WOW. I am in awe of you right now. Being able to see the positives around you when many parts of life are falling apart. Good for you.

    I also like car!

  19. i think YOU are the one with the great perspective. thanks for sharing it...


  20. Congrats on the car.

    I'm in awe of your attitude right now. I'm happy that this is where you are right now.

  21. You? So lucky? Not as lucky as we are for having found you and learnt so much about kindness, generosity, tenaciousness, humour in the face of adversity, eloquence and sheer bloody-minded devotion to your dreams.

    We're the lucky ones.

  22. I love this post and your attitude of gratitude. We should all have one but too much of the time we are focused on what we don't have.
    Congrats on the new car. Sounds like things are looking up ~ have a great time at the concert! You can't beat a live performance.

  23. Scubaru! That is my vote (assuming I get one). I had a friend that had a Subaru wagon and she loved it and when she decided to get a second car she got another Subaru wagon...

    I hope you guys have many good years together!