Friday, January 15, 2010

Things I like...

In the spirit of trying to blog a few lighter posts so here's one about a few things I really like (but still sprinkled with IF--can't help it!).

Those of you who know me/have read for a while/followed my old blog know that I heart baking. Sometimes I bake when I'm stressed...but really that could almost be any time because as anyone battling infertility will tell you, background stress is a constant. It's just sort of always there, lurking. Some days it stays down deep and others it rumbles just below the surface.

But baking...baking almost always makes me feel better. Of course, it, too, can be bittersweet because I imagine baking with my own children (in particular, a daughter!).

For now, I bake with Mr. LC. OK, I take that back..Mr. LC is an awesome sous chef in addition to taste-tester extraordinaire. He will often clean up my messes as I'm making them, and folks there is not much better than baking and not having to clean. I am so lucky in this regard.

Speaking of things I like: I heart monkeys. In particular, Curious George, sock monkeys, and Julius by Paul Frank. Again, those who know my old blog know Mr. LC and I have hoards of Curious George stuff 'in waiting' for a nursery (the old retro stuff, not the ugly newer stuff). When I started seeing Paul Frank Small Paul clothes I had to restrain myself from buying...and eventually did take the plunge and buy some tiny pink Small Paul booties. That was two months prior to IVF #5...whoops. At any rate, in my pursuit of trying on 'normal' I have had fun (honestly!) buying the Paul Frank stuff for my friends kids--hey, I gotta buy it and I feel stupid buying it for some imaginary child of my own, so there you go.

That was a rambler--but imagine my delight when I saw this in Target:

See! I knew it--Julius loves Mr. LC's alter ego :)

So back to the baking: I had some fun trying to mimic Bakerella and here's what I came up with, tiny cake ball cupcake bites! They are divine, if I do say so myself.

And today I bought the latest OKGO CD. Again, those who know me from way back/old blog know I heart Damian Kulash and nearly all things OKGO. I'm a true fangirl, and I can admit it. In fact, here's something that will make you laugh (and something I really probably shouldn't admit). Back in 2005 Mr. LC and I were at one of their concerts (we've been to quite a few) and were talking with Mr. Kulash. Mr. LC had made me a birthday card that year and it had a picture of Damian with a word bubble making fun of the fact that some 30 year old lady would be swooning over Damian at a concert (very funny, Mr. LC). Damian got a kick out of it since he was nearly 30 himself and he wrote on my card "oldies stick together--you and me in 2010!" OK so I still have that signed card (duh) and I got all excited the other day realizing it was 2010 so you know, I could go and make good on that signed promise...only to realize he wrote 2020! Argh. Only ten more years :) But, check out the new CD, it's awesome. And here's a photo from 2006 when I saw him at a show...tell me he's not gorgeous (albeit a little sweaty) and now he's not shaggy-haired anymore--that was so 2006.

OK so very soon I'll be back to my regularly scheduled programming about infertility angst, the unfairness of it all, my continued feelings of disconnectedness with almost everyone around me that has kids...ummmmm yeah.

Can't wait, can you?


  1. I have been reading your posts for a few weeks and I love you sense of humour and your love for being alive! Even though I do not know you I feel your are a super fun person who just enjoys life in the midst of the suck fest of IF. Thanks for making me smile.

  2. Good to hear from you - no matter what the topic.

  3. Okay, I hate baking, but I love eating. So I think I need a baker. Too bad you don't live near me, I'd hire you in a minute. LOL!

    And I still have my sock monkey circa 1974. His (LOL!) dress and hat are long gone, but I've still got him.

  4. man, you're BOTH gorgeous! and I do like his shagginess (even in 2010.)

  5. I heart OK Go too (especially Damian). Can't wait to listen to the new album (and hopefully see them in concert again)

  6. You know that we have an affinity for Paul's monkey! Madigan's got PJ's and a shirt w/ Julian on them.
    I haven't actually listened to much OK Go but I think I'm gonna check them out. the lead singer is sure cute!

  7. You are way hotter than Damian. I have no clue who Ok Go is. I feel so old.

    I'm into Uglydolls. I bought one for my invisible child before my beta. Now, I don't know what to do with it.

  8. Those cake balls look divine... and I have PMS so I want to eat them right off my screen. You've also got a great knack for creating a wonderful background for your gorgeous baked goods. You should do a picture book just with pics of Cake Balls - for different holidays and on different backgrounds. Here's a challenge. Can you make Small Paul Cake Balls? I bet you can!!!

  9. Oh those cake balls - yummmmm yummmm yummmm! I have no idea who OKGO is, but that guy Damian looks cute! ;-)


  10. This post made my afternoon!

    You don't even know how many times, after reading of your baking adventures, I wished I had the ability to jump in my car and head on over to your place to raid your kitchen. =) Caaaake Baaaaaalls.

    And OH. My. GAWD. I really hope your bought that Curious George sign! I <3 it. =D

    How awesome that you got to meet OK Go! Damnian is totally hot, pit stains and all. =)

    I hope you and Mr. LC are having a lovely weekend!

  11. Teddy downloaded some OKGo music for me a long time ago and sadly I still haven't gotten around to putting it onto my iPod. (I'm super lazy about this SPECIFIC task, the most recent thing I've uploaded was the Womanizer Britney Spears song). I will be visiting my nearest Target because Eli NEEDS that shirt.

  12. I wish we lived closer. You're IF. I'm IF. You like to bake. I like to eat. (-;

  13. the marketing degree in me is saying you gotta find a way to market your cake balls and all of that other yummy stuff you create!!! seriously...i have a friend who is doing "balls for boobs"-$25/dozen. sure she is raising money for the breast cancer research, but i think you can put your own spin on it. in just a few days she had orders for 37 dozen.
    sign me up for your first dozen when you've got a plan...seriously!!!

  14. after reading the post by gaily...i think she is right...your stuff is always set up nicely. therefore i think you need to create a cake ball/dessert/etc. recipe book with photographs. your tantalizing photographs will sell the book!