Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When a friend hurts...

There isn't much you can do.

I have a very good fertile friend, who is hurting right now.

It may seem silly, but you guys know what support can mean, even if it comes from people you don't even know. Sometimes the kindness of strangers touches us the most deeply.

I guess I'm just asking you to lift her up, show her some support and love. She doesn't comment on my blog much, so you might not have ever seen her link around here, but believe you me, she has supported me wholeheartedly through the last five years of IF hell.

It's the least I can do now...

Her blog:


  1. You are a good friend, I will stop there now.

  2. Love sent. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods...

  3. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who visited my blog and wished us well. This is a tough one, given the divide between us. I know you must all be thinking- I'd give anything to have her problems, and you're right. I've been far, far more lucky than unlucky, and I'm so grateful every day. And you're also right that LC is a good friend- the best you could hope for. Thanks again.
    PS- I don't comment too often here because I feel sort of unqualified to have an opinion, if that makes sense. I try to give my support to LC more directly, though I know it's not the same as the true understanding she gets from you guys. I'm so glad she has you.

  4. Consider it done! Good luck with all those nerdy nerds! Hope you can get some rest soon!