Monday, May 31, 2010

I've been away...

I know, and it's weird for me not to post/yak/blog in over week.

Especially since my last post was sort of (?) a bombshell. Or at the very least a pretty major announcement. Thanks for all your wonderful comments--they are treasures and I mean that.

I promise there will be much, much more to come on that. It's not like we woke up one day and said "OK, we're done with the infertility roller coaster, let's adopt." It's been a year-plus process actually....and of course we've been talking about adoption much much longer than that. And it's not that I think adoption is a cake walk (ha!) nor necessarily a guarantee. But we'll get to that. All of that--and more!--I promise. Just not today.

For now I'll just leave you with a pictorial of how the last few days/week has gone. It's been busy, it's been fun, it's involved a lot of water.

We hit the lake for wakeboarding and also my brother-in-law tried to kill both me and my sister on the inner tube. Seriously--I was sore for days after holding on for dear life while he accelerated and did donuts in the water trying to throw us off. But we had a blast with them and my nephews. And can I say how much more I am adoring my nephews (my sister's boys) as I realize they are the nearest to genetic children I will ever have? It just makes my connection to them even more special.

The mister and I went trail running (for real, no crazy analogies here!) and finished up with a swim in our favorite local creek. The water was rushing y'all--that's why I'm laughing. It's really a cover for fear. As in, I truly feared I was going to be washed away while the mister took photos :) Stacey, when will I learn?

We went to see my parents for part of Memorial Weekend. My Dad isn't great. He's slipped back to being very quiet with a lot of staring. I'm sad, but then again I'm ever more grateful for the last visit where we talked, watched baseball, and just sat together and it felt the closest to normal than ever before in the past year. It will be a year since his stroke in about a week and a half. However, I must add: we wheeled my Dad into the kitchen while I was baking. He didn't seem to be paying any attention, mostly he just looked like he was staring off into space and barely responded when spoken to...until. Until I plunged my bowl with batter into the sink and turned on the water. My Dad said: "Mrs. LC, please don't run water in that bowl. I'd like to lick the batter." Ha! Can you see where I get it from? So even when we think he isn't, boy is he paying attention!

While there, the mister and I mowed/tractored about 15 acres. I also weed-eated and trenched all the beds and together with my Mom we trimmed all the hedges. It was about 95 degrees the whole time. Yikes.

The mister in his coolie hat might have sent some old country war vet into a flashback! I was covered in dirt (see picture) but mowing and yardwork is still strangely satisfying and peaceful.

Sexy, no?

Today we went on a long hot run--I swear it was already 90 degrees by 9 a.m. followed by a fabulous swim in Lake Travis. Gorgeous, relaxing, and boy did we feel lucky to have leisure time and healthy bodies that can run and swim. No pictures, just happiness in our hearts and heads.

Other highlights of the last week:
  • M&M Blizzard. A rare treat but one that never ever disappoints.
  • Baking--thanks to Bakerella I've tried some new delish recipes. I didn't take photos--just ate them. Congo bars/Brookies? Oh my.
  • Working on a video for one of the Mister's songs--always fun.
  • Shopping with my Mom and sister. OK, so it was just Target (my parents live in a small town so getting the Target was actually a huge deal) but I adore Target and shopping there is fun. And looking at baby things is actually, maybe, sorta, kinda, an itty-bitty teeny tiny bit fun, but I won't allow anything to be bought. Yet.
So that's the highlights. I was without reliable internet while at my parents'--and honestly was too busy sweating and mowing--so I'm slowly catching up and hope I haven't missed anyone!


  1. It sounds like you had a full weekend. Do you ever just sleep? LOL. I loved the part about your dad. I hope you continue to have good moments with him.

    I am dying to know where you are in the adoption process!

  2. Yum...blizzards! Glad you had a nice week. And I hear you the baby stuff. I feel really positive about adoption, but I guess it's the superstitious infertile in me that won't let me actually buy anything. Yet...

  3. I've been missing you! Sounds like you had a great weekend and I'm glad you got to see your dad and he got to see you baking. Love the pics, and I finally found a Target near me, and I love it, too!

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Hard work is good for the soul and it sounds like it did you and the land you were caring for some real good! I'm glad to read about your Dad and his comment about licking the're so right when you said that you never know when they're paying attention.

    I am so excited for you and to read more about your future adoption and continue to think about you and wish you and Mr. LC all the best every day.

  5. I'm checking in daily (sometimes twice) because I am just so excited for you guys and can't wait to hear more about it!

  6. What a great time away, indeed! We had a 9 acre yard at our last place, and I sometimes got tired of being on tractors for a good chunk of the weekend, but now I do miss it. No one could talk AT me, and I couldn't hear my cell - woo hoo!

    That's a great story about your dad. I know I was lucky with mine and his TiA. I'll never ever understand why bad things happen to good people though. Someone even gave me a book about that subject, but I have yet to read it. sigh.

    Oh, and the baby section! How cool that you are even a tiny bit excited about that. And what a lucky little bebe to have you guys as parents :)

  7. You guys seem like you have SO MUCH FUN together!!!! love the tractor :)
    I hope I did not insult you at all with my last posting, I wasn't trying to "slam" western medicine, I am extremely grateful for it. I just find it hard when doctors don't TRUST a woman's body to do what it is build to do. My main example is when my RE flat out said that 80% of woman don't know when they ovulate, even though I was sitting there with 6 months of charts that clearly indicated when I do. He could have at least humored me :) I also see it happen a lot once my clients are over due by even just a day (or even a week before). A looming induction can be quite scary for my ladies :( and they start to loose trust that the baby will ever come. I think its important to (or at least I am figuring out that) its important to trust in ourselves, in our decisions, and when medically necessary get help from the experts like you!!!

  8. It looks like you had a great, great weekend. I wish your dad was different - but I hope you continue to at least get those batter bowl moments.

    And browse away at Target. It is fun, and it's even more fun when you get to buy. :)

  9. I'm sore just reading this! :) Sounds like a great week!! I think I might need to hear more about these Brookies....

  10. I knew I liked your dad for a reason! My kind of guy! I hope things get better. He has come so, so far. Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Looked lovely!

  11. I'm glad you've updated, I've been thinking about you! I'm also eagerly anticipating an adoption update, but love all the action and adventure in the mean time. Target is the LAND of tiny things to dream about, isn't it? And I always give my hubs the batter bowl too! That's true love you know- handing off the batter bowl! :)

  12. Wow you have been busy! But at least it's been an enriching kind of busy.

    Great pics!

  13. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I love all the pics. You look so happy! Like everyone, I can't wait to hear where you are in the adoption process. :)

  14. Appears to have been a lovely weekend! I'm glad to hear you are still having those special moments with your dad, those seem to be the ones that sustain us.
    Oh and the Congo Bars ~ yummy! I made those last week too and I think we had them gone in 2 days!

  15. I just went back and read your last did I miss that? Honestly, great news. Great great news. A good friend of mine, and also a former blogger who disappeared off of the face of blogland, recently adopted a baby girl. She got her paperwork in last summer and WITHIN just 3 months, was in a hospital somewhere in the midwest, waiting for her baby. I know very few adoption stories work out so easily but let me say, not once has she looked at her beautiful little girl and thought sad thoughts or lamented the lack of genetics. You have to mourn and you have to make your peace with it, but it is equally wonderful. Of course, I say this viewing her passage into parenthood. I also didn't care about genetics at all in my case...but honestly, adoption scared me too, so I understand. It scared me more than 7 painful IVF cycles and BFNs and miscarriages. So, I am also very impressed. It is a lot of paperwork and red tape and jumping through hoops. But, I can't wait to follow this journey and cheer you on!!!!

    You look great, by the way. It is terribly hot here the last few days and that pic of you in the water just makes me melt! Your family sounds great...sorry your dad wasn't as active as last time but he still sounds good. Hugs.

  16. It sounds like you have been having a great time. It's nice to see you looking so happy in these pictures. And I have such fond memories of hanging out at Lake Travis in the hot summer weather - I know what fun that was.
    I can't wait to hear more about your next steps!

  17. Delurking to say I am so excited about your adoption announcement and can't wait to hear the details! Also, you two seem to have so much fun together. Sounds like a great weekend!

  18. You sound (and look) as if you are having a fantastic time! I'm desperate to know about the adoption too! And I agree that nieces and nephews are very precious - though I find it strange now to think that if my pregnancy works out, I will be more related to my sisters children than my own child!

  19. The tubing and swimming sound and look like SO much fun. I have seriously been swimming like 2 or 3 times in the last 10 years. I miss it so much!

  20. OMG, lucky you!! I just realized you live in one of my favorite cities in the whole world (and where I went to grad school). We were just back for a visit last fall for the first time in more than 10 years. Now I'm very jealous. Sounds like a great holiday weekend.

  21. Oooh, that last little itty bitty sentence about the itty-bitty teeny tiny bit of fun...made me smile big. :)