Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New plans!

Ok so Mr. LastChance and I have some new ideas, some new plans.

Let's just leave the embryos frozen.

After all, frozen embryos make the perfect children.

They're good quality kiddos, with a decent grade. Their cells are even and some might call them beautiful. We can brag about them. They won't cost us much, just some annual storage fees. They'll never nag us, or whine, or cry, and we can continue to get a good nights' sleep and also take naps. Frozen embryos don't eat much either.


These are the things we toss around. Since we've never had very many decent looking embryos, to have six good quality ones feels like we've won the kiddo lottery, and yet they're all just 6-8 cells. Microscopic. Only kid-potential.

But they're ours. They're our kids.

And we're already proud.

So keeping them frozen forever would just let us ride out this feeling forever.

All kidding aside, I'm just waiting for a stinkin' positive on an OPK so I can email Dr. M with my ovulation so she can start working on a calendar. But naturally I'm late. Today's cycle day 15 with no surge in sight. Weirdness all around. But what can you do?

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  1. I dunno. Frozen kids just don't seem that fun to play with. I hope you ovulate soon!

  2. I know this feeling. Its fun to have to hope still there instead of the panic. Ugh. I hope you ovulate soon so you can bring a big bunch of them home:-)

  3. I get it, there's been a few times where I preferred to keep my last embryo frozen as I knew that was the only way to keep it safe for sure. But, how enjoyable is a frozen child, right?

    Sending you lots of ovulation vibes. Please send me some AF vibes.

  4. Come oooooon Big O!

    Though I haven't been in the same position (yet!), I completely understand your fear. It's so scary to take the next step, but it could wind up being the greatest step you've ever taken. =)

  5. That is exactly how I felt after my last ER. I wanted to freeze them all just make sure I had "children" waiting for me. I get it, I really do:)

  6. You are too cute! I hope the big O (ovulation) happens soon!

  7. Oh, gosh. I so have written this post in the past. I talked about visiting them at the lab at holidays - there's just so much potential. I could be optimistic for ages as long as the frozens were sitting there. I think that's part of why I'm taking this last BFN so hard. No more potential.

    Hope you get a surge soon.

  8. I guess you could bring them out to play in the winter if you moved....you could make them TINY clothes and name them all. I think I could get really carried away with this....

  9. Come on hormones - surge!! I hope you get your postive OPK soon! I totally get you wanting to keep the potential alive - I think that's why it was so hard for me to consider walking away and why I doggedly kept pursuing different treatment options. I hope you get to start this next part of your journey soon.

  10. That sweet "potential" is so addictive we just want to hold onto it forever... I remember sometimes wishing the 2ww on IVF cycles was a little longer so I could still believe that I was pregnant for a bit longer.

    I think you'd need to move somewhere much colder for this plan to fully pan out. (-;

  11. I still can't get in your other place...