Saturday, October 9, 2010

We're All In This Together

And by "this" I don't mean IF. I mean life.

This weekend is the enormous Austin City Limits Music Festival. Mr. LC and I lucked out in a major way and scored free three-day passes (they've been sold out for months and cost an arm and a leg) that also have all kinds of special access--backstage access, artist village access, free food and drink, and getting ferried around on golf carts rather than trudging around through the 'masses.' It's awesome I must say. Last night we saw Beach House and Spoon from the stage, and then Vampire Weekend. Super duper fun. We can go back today and tomorrow, rinse, lather, repeat.

(Spoon from balcony onstage)

But this morning we will not be going. Instead, we will head out to walk in a fundraiser for autism, called "Autism Speaks" and walking with Team WonderBoy! (look towards the bottom right, where teams are ranked in terms of funds raised--his team is fifth!)

I'm sure you remember me posting and linking to my good friend's blog, Little Wonderboy. He's two and a half and was recently diagnosed with autism. Today we will all don super hero attire and walk in his honor.

I should have posted the link to help raise money--but that's a funny thing to do in this space. I know many of you are struggling to pay enormous sums of money for the chance at a child, asking you to donate to another cause can be hard.

But when Megan's son was first diagnosed I felt at a loss--how to help? What to say? I don't have kids (you heard, right?) and so I simply cannot comprehend the enormity of the love a parent feels for a child. I think I have glimpses of it, but yet I know I just cannot know. And then to know your child will face challenges...well, that has to cut you to the quick and leave you breathless when you think of the future.

But we're not so different, are we?

I remember writing these words to her: "I may not know the specific pain you're feeling, but I do know what it's like to have your life go in an entirely different direction than you ever imagined. I know the feeling of being out of control, of life feeling profoundly unfair, I know pain."

We all know pain, unfortunately. And that bonds us together, unites us in our various fights and challenges.

Today we walk for autism.

Go Team WonderBoy!

PS If you're inclined, motivated, inspired to donate, they're still taking them!


  1. That's great that you are supporting a friend while in the midst of your own pain. THAT kind of love and care is what will make you a great mommy some day. Hope you guys had a good walk! And did you literally mean you are wearing super hero attire? You need to post pics :)

  2. I would love to see your super hero attire - that sounds fun. So nice of you to take time out of your musical weekend to do that.
    I'm jealous of all the music down there this weekend - I have friends in town who are going as well. But I did see Beach House and Vampire Weekend at Radio City Music hall last month and they were great. I hope you get to go again tomorrow!

  3. What a wonderful use of your time. I too would love to see the attire. The words you wrote to your friend and so true.

  4. OK...I teared up reading your post. We all know pain. Having experienced IF, I feel like I am a more compassionate and understanding person. Good for you for supporting your friend.

    And...Vampire Weekend?? AWESOME!!

  5. I think this is what makes you an outstanding person and friend. I was so happy to see you all there! And I know it couldn't have been easy with all the kids, babies, bellies, and talk about all that (if I noticed, I think you might've too). Life has given us different paths- as sure as there is happiness there is pain too (a bit too much of it)- but we are all in it together. Sometimes that's what gets us through. Until we're all rooming together in the nursing home, right?

  6. Love that you are donning your superhero cape for your friend and their child! It's such a great symbol of strength and hope.

    As a Texan, I can't believe I haven't been to ACL. My hubby went to school there and my sister lives in Austin, and I have yet to make it. Sounds like you already are, but enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! :)

  7. You & your husband are so awesome for doing the walk in honor of your friend's son. Love the superhero cape idea! And, yes, we all really are in this together.


  8. Simply wonderful! I love the Superhero attire ~ if you have any pics it would be great to see them :)

  9. What an awesome weekend - all of it. So great that your friendhas a group of poeple to pull together with her. And like you say, I really think that going through one kind of pain makes us so much more receptive to others'. We can't say 'oh, that will never be me' because unfortunately we know that isn't necessarily true! I'm really glad she's got you to get her back.

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